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4 Less Well Known Facts About Denmark Logistics

Posted by Liam Harrison on 23-May-2018 16:42:24

4 Less Well Known Facts About Denmark Logistics

Even if you have an office in Denmark, you probably don’t know everything about its commercial logistics industry. In case you are shipping goods to, from or through this country from the UK, you need to have some information about it. Denmark logistics options are pretty impressive. Many companies offer a variety of shipping methods, including road, air, and sea/ocean.

No matter how deep you have gone into studying Denmark logistics, you may not be aware of the following facts.

1) Cross-Docking Services Are Not Popular

Less than a third of Denmark logistics companies offer cross-docking services. To a beginner, who is shipping goods to or through Denmark, this can be a big disappointment and a new expenditure item. In fact, logistics in Denmark is highly niche-oriented. Most of the Danish companies offer transportation and nothing else.

NTEX offers you a variety of services connected to logistics. You don’t have to worry about extra expenses along the way. We take care of all the cross-docking, packing, loading and unloading needs.

2) Companies Mostly Use Rented Transport

If you are planning a (Denmark freight) delivery to Denmark , remember that most of the transport your cargo will be shipped on is rented (subcontracted). Only a small percentage of Denmark logistics companies own all of its transport. This may seem to be a small factor. In reality, rental (subcontractor) contracts are complicated. Many don’t have clear time limits for transport repairs and/or replacement. This may result in shipment delays.

NTEX mostly works with its own vehicles. In case we rent (subcontract) transport for haulage to Denmark, we are very careful about the contracts. We promise no substantial delays due to breakdowns.

3) Denmark Logistics Companies Prefer Geographical & Goods Niching

The majority of Denmark logistics companies limit themselves to certain geographical markets (areas) and goods. This means you may be faced with the need to hire (find) several companies to transport your variety of goods to several destinations. This involves extra planning, extra money, extra time, and extra worries.

NTEX works with the majority of goods and all Denmark destinations (to all destinations in Denmark). If you’d like to ship your cargo within Denmark or beyond, we are ready to offer you high-quality services.

4) Denmark Logistics Focuses On Maritime Shipping…Too Much

Geographically, Denmark is a perfect place for developing great maritime shipping channels. In fact, it’s the world’s fifth largest maritime shipping country. The majority of the logistics companies in Denmark are therefore focused on sea shipping.

Maritime shipping is highly important to NTEX. However, we deal with other shipping methods as well. If you stumble upon a lack of land and air logistics options in Denmark, NTEX is always at your service.

Denmark logistics provides shippers with a variety of factors to consider. Thankfully, at NTEX we have already studied all of them. If you are looking for a simple, cost-efficient, and worry-free way to ship your goods to, from or through Denmark, NTEX can do the job right. Please get in touch for further details.

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