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7 Costly Mistakes That Handicap Your Scandinavian Freight

Posted by Liam Harrison on 08-Jun-2018 09:59:37

7 Costly Mistakes That Handicap Your Scandinavian Freight

Hasty climbers have sudden falls. This is especially true for transportation. When you need to transport something in a hurry, it is easy to overlook important matters. Eventually, this leads to handicaps. Making mistakes with Scandinavian freight is easy. Rectifying them is hard and expensive.

When you are looking for a good Scandinavian logistics company, be careful. The wrong choice may lead to the following mishaps.

These are the 7 most common things to go wrong, that you should be on your guard against:

1) Missing Or Damaged Goods

It may come as a surprise, but one of the common problems with Scandinavian freight is missing or damaged cargo. The wrong approach to cargo handling, which may stem from hiring irresponsible staff, often leads to unpleasant surprises at the destination. A common reason for ending up with damaged and missing goods is not using the right pallets during transportation.

2) Wrong Addresses & Missed Deadlines

Not all Scandinavian logistics companies meet promised deadlines. The reasons for such mishaps include problems with the customs, lack of necessary documentation, and address mix-ups.

Writing down the wrong address leads to a variety of problems. The cargo may end up being delivered to a wrong location and/or lost. As a result, the deadlines are botched and extra costs are endured.

3) Absence Of Regular Inspections

No matter what type of Scandinavian freight you take advantage of, be it air, sea or road, the cargo must be inspected upon loading and during the trip. This can help the carrier avoid damages along the way. Meanwhile, the client won’t end up with damaged cargo and no way to prove the damage origins.

4) Lack Of Communication

Knowing where your cargo is and when it will arrive is vital to planning your work. Not all logistics companies provide clear information about the shipment. As a result, the client doesn’t just lose the planning ability, he or she loses a peace of mind. Communication is the key to the logistics business.

5) Inflexibility

Scandinavian freight needs to be flexible. Transporting goods across borders doesn’t just require a good knowledge of different procedures, it needs adjustments. Bad road network, flight delays, bad weather: these are just a few factors that may affect the shipments. It’s up to the company to look for ways to avoid obstacles and bring the cargo to the destination on time.

6) Documentation Mistakes

Making a mistake in documentation can lead to a variety of mishaps, starting from problems at the borders and ending with missing shipments. Respectable freight companies have specially trained personnel to deal with filling out bills of lading and other documents.

7) High Rates

More often than not, clients complain about high rates set by the Scandinavian logistics companies. Finding the best rate is often hard without losing quality. Going for the lowest possible prices can result in one of the above six problems, so shop around and make sure you secure verifiable customer testimonials before choosing a haulage business.

Getting Scandinavian Freight Right First Time

The number of mistakes that can handicap your Scandinavian freight is frighteningly high. Avoiding them is possible if you choose the right company. At NTEX, we are ready to take on any challenge and bring your cargo to the destination safely and on time. Request a competitive quite on any cargo by clicking here.

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