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An 8-Step Checklist To Ensure Safe And Secure Next Day Delivery To Sweden

Posted by Liam Harrison on 03-Aug-2018 12:58:06


Safe and secure next day delivery to Sweden depends mostly on your choice of the logistics company. A reliable carrier can make sure your cargo arrives on time and in one piece. However, it’s also up to your company to go through some steps to help improve the process.

At NTEX, we offer numerous delivery options to Sweden. We work with sea, air, and land delivery methods to ensure the best results for you. We would like to share a checklist to help our clients ensure a safe, quick and painless delivery to Sweden all year round.

Step One: Planning Ahead

If you want your delivery to go smoothly, you need to let the shipping company know about your plans. This is especially important if you have a groupage shipment. The earlier you make your request, the faster the company can adjust to fit your plans.

Step Two: Fast Loading

Loading the cargo in a timely manner is one of the keys to bringing it to the destination quickly and safely. Choosing a company which can arrange cargo pickup at different places rather than bringing it to a certain point can speed up the delivery while ensuring safe loading process.

Step Three: Professional Approach

Only professional cargo handlers can deal with the cargo quickly while keeping it safe regardless of its sensitivity and perishability. The cheapest and the quickest logistics companies often overlook the experience of the handlers. It’s vital to ask about their expertise and qualification before entrusting your cargo with them.

Step Four: Buying Insurance

No matter how quick and painless next day shipping to Sweden may seem, there is always a risk of unexpected problems. Buying proper insurance for your cargo – and ensuring you choose an adequately insured logistics partner – can reduce the risk of financial losses while giving you peace of mind.

Step Five: Packing The Goods

Whether its pallets, containers or other packing methods, they must be executed by a professional. However, the more palletisation you can do yourself on site, the faster and cheaper it will be for a company to facilitate shipping. It’s up to you to make sure the packing methods are in accordance with the cargo sensitivity, although a good transport partner will help with this.

Step Six: Information Sharing

Each cargo is different. While your consignment documentation should include all the cargo parameters, it’s important to share any nuances of the shipment with your logistics company. Allowing the carrier to know all the small details can help it ensure the cargo’s safety.

Step Seven: Double Checking The Documents

It takes only a few minutes to double check the bill of lading, cargo manifest, and other related documents. Reclassifying and reweighing the cargo may take hours. Errors in documents may also cause cargo refusal and formidable expenses when your shipment arrives in Sweden.

Step Eight: Adjusting To The Shipping Schedule

Each company has a certain regular shipping schedule, which is worked out based on the cheapest and the most effective approach. If you think ahead and take advantage of one of the pre-planned routes, the cargo will be securely delivered to Sweden without any extra expenses. This isn’t to say that sometimes you will need express shipping outside these times, which a company should also be willing and able to arrange.

Shipping to Sweden With NTEX

At NTEX, we make sure your cargo arrives at the destination safely and securely. Our delivery speed to Sweden exceeds all expectations. Don’t hesitate to request a quote today.

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