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Shipping To Copenhagen – Everything You Need To Know!

Posted by Liam Harrison on 19-Jan-2022 10:00:00

Denmark is a leading supply chain and export destination for UK businesses. Here’s everything you need to know about shipping commercial goods, fast and cheaply, from the UK to Copenhagen. 

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How It All Began And How Far We’ve Come

Posted by Liam Harrison on 11-Jan-2022 12:59:27

The New Year is a time for looking forwards, and for looking back. This year, NTEX are celebrating 18 years on the road (and sea, and air). It’s been a journey in the fast lane, so buckle up and join us as we travel back to a quiet office in Stockholm in 2003. 

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Large Package Shipping Companies: Top Tips On Transporting To Scandinavia

Posted by Liam Harrison on 05-Jan-2022 09:00:00

So, you want to ship a large package from the United Kingdom to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or Finland? There are quite a few ways you can do this. However, each needs careful consideration. Large load haulage can be extremely costly and cumbersome if planned and handled poorly. Here's our guide to getting the best deal on large package shipping to Scandinavian countries.

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Will Covid Restrictions Delay My Shipment To Norway?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 29-Dec-2021 10:00:00

Over the past two years, professionals in the export and logistics fields have had to contend with an increasing number of pandemic-related challenges. During this time, global supply chain disruptions and Covid restrictions in various EU countries have added an additional level of complexity to an already complex field.

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What Is ‘Article 16’ And Will It Affect My Shipments From NI To Scandinavia?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 22-Dec-2021 10:00:00

If you’re a UK manufacturer with a base in Northern Ireland and customers or suppliers in the EU, you’ve probably been scanning Brexit news for quite a while to keep tabs on developments that could impact your operations. Recently, ‘Article 16’ has been making headlines and creating confusion, especially for manufacturers and suppliers with export capabilities. Let’s clear up the confusion, at least in terms of UK (including NI) exports to Scandinavia.

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What Are Considered ‘Dangerous Goods’ In Sweden?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 15-Dec-2021 10:00:00

Regulations concerning dangerous goods and their movement between countries are notoriously convoluted, even within the EU. Governmental agencies usually keep lists of what are considered dangerous or banned goods, but it’s not always easy to determine if those lists are up to date.

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How NTEX Can Help With Supply Chain Management

Posted by Liam Harrison on 08-Dec-2021 10:00:00

Supply chain management is a highly complex sector, where all cogs in the wheel must be fully functional and interconnected for things to proceed smoothly. The more complex the system, the more elements can potentially go wrong. As most supply chain and logistics professionals know, it’s crucial to anticipate problems and to have reliable support to cope with them. This article offers an overview of current issues in supply chain management, and explains why it’s worth working with a freight forwarding partner.

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Posted by Liam Harrison on 01-Dec-2021 15:53:00

While Sweden is part of the European Union, and the UK hasn’t left yet, the international shipping process is simplified. As opposed to full-scale international shipping, sending products to Sweden is faster and doesn’t involve as much paperwork.

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The Best Shipping Route To Denmark From UK–Road, Sea Or Air?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 10-Nov-2021 11:00:00

If you’re looking to have your goods shipped to Denmark, there are three options: road, sea or air. Your journey will include either road/sea or road/air, and there are many different routes available. But which combination is best for your particular needs? It all depends on what you are shipping.

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How Can Road Freight Services Speed up Delivery Time

Posted by Liam Harrison on 20-Oct-2021 12:45:00

When it comes to transporting goods to Scandinavia, there are a number of means that can be employed. You can send your cargo via air freight, use a seaport to deliver your goods, load it on a train for final mile fulfilment, or employ a road freight service from a port in Denmark, Holland or Germany. The choice will depend on your budget, the type of goods you are transporting and your delivery schedule.

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