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Posted by Liam Harrison on 01-Dec-2021 15:53:00


While Sweden is part of the European Union, and the UK hasn’t left yet, the international shipping process is simplified. As opposed to full-scale international shipping, sending products to Sweden is faster and doesn’t involve as much paperwork.

However, there are still risks which many companies face when trying to send their cargo to Sweden and hoping to get them there safely and on time.

At NTEX, we have been arranging logistics from the UK to Sweden for more than 30 years. We know how to counter all the risks which accompany such shipping process.

1) Search & Seizure

It’s vital to choose a logistics company with an impeccable reputation in order for your shipment to arrive at its destination. Companies which had legal issues in the past can put your cargo at risk of being searched and seized at the border.

If during the search, the border officers find something suspicious, they may seize the products and hold the rest of the cargo for several days until the situation is cleared up. As a result, you may face substantial delays and losses. In mixed pallet shipments this applies even if the suspicious item originates with another business you happen to be sharing a lorry with.

Avoid the issue and check your shipping company’s reputation by asking for references.

2) Theft

While logistics theft is comparatively rare in the EU, Sweden still suffers from it occasionally. Valuable cargo is always at a risk of being subject to theft while loading and unloading at a foreign port or hub, or even before it leaves the UK.

The theft issue can be avoided by hiring a respectable company, which enforces substantial security even when the loading or unloading is done at seemingly problem-free destinations.

3) Damaged Products

The most common problem with international shipping, especially if it involves several types of transport, is damaged goods. Incorrect handling, loading, and storage can lead to your receiver discovering flawed products at the destination.

The problem can be solved by proper packaging and hiring a reliable logistics company, which follows all the shipping rules to bring your products to Sweden safely.

4) Incorrect Documentation

While the number of documents which need to be filled out for shipping cargo to Sweden is minimal compared to non-EU countries, problems may still occur. Mistakes made in documents can delay the shipment and cause unexpected expenses at the border.

In order to avoid the problem, it’s vital to check all the documents several times. The smart way to go is to leave the document filling to a shipping company with experience.

5) Insurance Problems

International cargo insurance policies require a special approach. Many companies overlook this matter, thinking they don’t need it within EU. As a result, the lack of proper insurance causes shipping problems and financial losses.

By working with a logistics company which deals with cargo insurance every day, you can avoid the risk of getting the wrong insurance policy. The company can offer several options to simplify the insurance matter while keeping your budget in mind.

Ship Your Goods To Sweden With Us

At NTEX, we are ready to solve any problem with shipping to Sweden while avoiding the risks. We pride ourselves on arranging problem-free logistics process for all our clients. Contact us today to get a quote.

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