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The Benefits Of Comprehensive Insurance Cover For International Shipping

Posted by Liam Harrison on 20-Dec-2019 12:00:00

The Benefits Of Comprehensive Insurance Cover For International Shipping


If you're shipping a valuable package of any size from the United Kingdom to a customer in Scandinavia, you'll need comprehensive insurance cover. Even with the very best shipping companies, ‘Acts of God,’ breakdowns, accidents, human error, and general catastrophes can result in valuable parcels being lost, damaged, stalled, or destroyed. With longer and more complex shipping routes, more factors need to be insured against to mitigate risk. Comprehensive cover means that the financial cost of your packages can easily be recovered in the event of a disaster.

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Here are a few of the advantages of having a robust insurance plan in place for your international shipping.

Marine Cargo Shipping Insurance

With overseas shipping, one of the biggest risks is that your packages might be lost at sea or en route. T
his risk is multiplied if your packages are travelling through volatile, dangerous, or unpredictable territory.

While the road and sea routes from the United Kingdom to the north of Europe are very safe, the odds of a severe loss cannot be written out anywhere in the world. That's why most insurers offer a comprehensive scheme under the title of marine cargo insurance. Despite the name, marine cargo covers your goods as they travel through the entire route against loss. Having pre-agreed marine cargo insurance in place means that multiple shipments can be made under an umbrella policy to deal with unexpected circumstances. This greatly simplifies the process of acquiring compensation in the event of a problem, as the insurer covers any liabilities as a third-party.

Comprehensive marine cargo insurance can be adapted to cover a one-time shipping trip for an individual client. This is usually done to cover an exceptional delivery of high value.


The other major advantage of comprehensive marine cargo shipping insurance is that it's adaptable to both individual journeys and routine trips. Single, annual, and freight packages can be arranged, as well as insurance that covers different hazards. Liability cover can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis to cover warehouse to warehouse trips, wilful damage, spillage, flooding, and misconduct risks. There's a package available for every eventuality.

Package Shipping With NTEX

If you're looking to send goods to Scandinavia from the UK, consider NTEX. Originally based in Sweden, we've expanded to hauling large consignments across the Norway-Denmark-Sweden-Finland region for our British clients.

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