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Will Covid Restrictions Delay My Shipment To Norway?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 29-Dec-2021 10:00:00


Over the past two years, professionals in the export and logistics fields have had to contend with an increasing number of pandemic-related challenges. During this time, global supply chain disruptions and Covid restrictions in various EU countries have added an additional level of complexity to an already complex field.
Get a QuoteThe pandemic response was not centrally coordinated in the EU, so some Scandinavian countries have taken a slightly different approach to pandemic management. While Sweden was (in)famous for its refusal to lock down during the dark days of the pandemic, Denmark and Norway have been equally noteworthy for their determination to keep some restrictions in place after they have been relaxed elsewhere on the continent.

If you regularly ship goods to this part of Europe, and more specifically to Norway, you may be wondering if Covid restrictions will delay your shipment. Keep reading to find the answer.

What’s The Impact Of Current Entry Restrictions In On Freight Shipments?

In the case of Norway, border closures were implemented at some points in an effort to curb the spread of infection. However, as of October 2021, all border crossings were open and operating as normal. That applies to land, sea, and air borders.

Customs officers at all entry points continue to inspect goods and handle their flow into the country, and there are no restrictions affecting the entry of goods by plane, ship, or lorry (that means no restrictions in addition to the usual bans on dangerous goods, etc.). You can find detailed information on the latter here.

UK-registered companies based in Norway can order goods from other countries, and import activities continue unhindered irrespective of the goods’ country of origin. Although it is true that in the context of Covid-19 some countries have been placed in a list of “high-risk countries”, the restrictions involved in this list exclusively affect passenger carriage.

Commercial Freight And Postal Delays

Delivery delays have been a frequent occurrence worldwide since the onset of the pandemic. However, at the time of writing, only the Norwegian postal system was warning its users about potential delays to mail and parcels. These delays do not affect commercial freight shipments.

And lastly, entry restrictions and quarantine requirements mostly affect travellers arriving at a Norwegian entry point, not logistics and transport workers.

Winter Is Coming…

In short, the transport of goods remain unaffected by any special measures related to the pandemic. Commercial shipments between the UK and Norway are going ahead as usual. Having said that, delays in commercial shipping can and do still happen for reasons other than Covid restrictions, for example due to supply chain issues or to extreme winter weather.

If you have customers in Norway and would like to minimise the chances of shipments being delayed by seasonal weather, viruses, or other reasons, the best course of action is to work alongside a specialist carrier. General haulage companies don’t always have insider knowledge of the regulations at the destination port or can’t oversee every step of the freight process.

Shipping To Norway With NTEX

At NTEX we’re ready to get your goods to Norway in as little as 36 hours. We take pride in getting shipments from A to B on time and within budget. Thanks to our network of local offices throughout Scandinavia, our team can offer full logistics and frequent delivery schedules. To get a quote on your next shipment to Norway, please visit our site.

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