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What Custom Charges Are There When Shipping To Norway From The UK

Posted by Liam Harrison on 27-May-2021 15:00:00

Import duties When Shipping To Norway

When shipping to Norway from the UK, are there any custom charges or import duties you should be aware of? Fortunately for British businesses, trade tariffs are very simple: in most cases there aren’t any! Norway is not a member of the EU but is part of the European Economic Area. This makes it part of the single market, with no trade tariffs between member states and common tariffs when trading outside the zone. The same rule applies when importing goods from Norway to the UK. In most cases you won’t need to pay any customs or import duties.

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Shipping Industrial Goods

The EEA (European Economic Area) agreement, of which Norway is a part, applies mostly to industrial goods and some agricultural products. If your product is covered, you will not need to pay any tariffs or show an import licence.

To claim your zero rate import duty you will need to complete an EEA movement certificate for each product. This is the form EUR1; which must be filled out in advance and then authorised by the Norwegian Customs office at the point of entry.

What goods are not covered?

Some goods are not covered by the EEA agreement. For these you will need an import licence and to pay custom duties in the same way as if you were importing from outside the EEA. We recommend you check in advance whether or not your items are covered before booking shipment, especially if you’re sending pallets of mixed goods.

Some product categories that are not covered include: raw materials, pharmaceuticals, alcoholic drinks, textiles, agricultural machinery and products, and fishing nets.

In addition, you will need a special import certificate if you want to ship plant or animal products to Norway. This includes live animals, plant seeds, fresh vegetables and fruit and processed meats. Certificates can be obtained in the UK from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Goods movement outside the EEA

Tariffs on goods originating outside the EEA are fairly low, ranging from 3% to 6%. The current rate of VAT on most goods is 25%, which must be paid on imported goods unless the originator is registered for VAT in another EEA country. Lower rates apply to sales of foodstuffs. Tariff payments can be arranged and paid in advance through the Norwegian Customs Authority.

Don’t take chances with your Norwegian imports

Shipping to Norway from the UK is simple and straightforward. Most of the same rules apply as per other EU countries such as Sweden and Denmark, but there are some differences, as we have seen. To avoid potential problems and delays, clarify your position in advance and ensure all the paperwork is filled out.

Shipping to Scandinavia with NTEX

When shipping goods to Norway there are two options. You can use a general haulage company or a specialist in Scandinavian freight forwarding and logistics. Norway shipping companies, such as NTEX, have an advantage over general operators in that we are happy to arrange all your import duties and customs paperwork for you as part of the service. With offices in Norway, the UK and across Scandinavia, at NTEX we have the contacts and flexibility to get your goods to your customer in the fastest and most cost-effective way. For a free quote or to make a booking, please get in touch through our online contact form. You can call us for more information at our UK head office on 01469 571 440.

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