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The Best Shipping Route To Denmark From UK–Road, Sea Or Air?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 10-Nov-2021 11:00:00

The Best Shipping Route To Denmark From UK- Road, Sea, Or Air
If you’re looking to have your goods shipped to Denmark, there are three options: road, sea or air. Your journey will include either road/sea or road/air, and there are many different routes available. But which combination is best for your particular needs? It all depends on what you are shipping.

Shipping by Road

Shipping your goods by road to Denmark is the ideal choice where local delivery to a customer is required. Road-side delivery quotes typically include the cost for delivery kerbside, but may not include the cost of handling or packing your goods. Denmark has several major connections by road, including five main European expressways, namely the E55, E47, E45, E39 and E20. As well, there are several bridges and tunnels which span sea channels. If doing multiple drops it is common for road haulage to embark at one of the channel ports and then enter Denmark by road through Germany.

When shipping to Denmark by road, it’s important to keep in mind that more remote communities will take longer to reach, simply because they may not be directly connected to expressways. However, when shipping to larger centres like Copenhagen from the country’s westernmost coastline, delivery may only take three hours because the E20 runs in that direction.

Shipping by Sea

Sea shipments are the perfect choice if you are transporting items that are bulky in nature, and do not have to adhere to a strict schedule. It can take from 24-72 hours for an ocean shipment to reach Denmark from the UK, depending on which freight services have been chosen. Household and industrial goods, as well as vehicles, have all been reliably shipped to Denmark in this manner.

Channel ferries and routes which cross France, Belgium and Germany offer reliable sea shipment, as do the direct ferry sailings between Harwich port in the UK and Esbjerg port in Jutland. Some shipping routes from the UK to Denmark can take as little as 18 hours, making it a time-efficient way to ship express goods.

Shipping by Air

When you need to get your products delivered to Denmark quickly, air freight can be a very good choice, although it is the costliest option. Quotes for air freight with general haulage companies will typically only include transport to the airport, with additional charges payable to the consignee on collection should duties, taxes, storage, handling, kerbside delivery or other such items be required.

Other things that can influence the total cost of shipping your goods by air is the weight and dimensions of the goods being shipped. In most cases, it’s the pallet size and consignment weight which determines cost, unless you are shipping large items that are not heavy.

There are some considerations for the shipping of goods to Denmark by air. Many items can be considered as dangerous goods for air freight that may be considered harmless when shipping by sea or road. Examples include aerosols, perfumes and shock absorbers. If the items you are shipping fall into the dangerous goods category, you will need to declare them on the shipper’s inventory, which is a required document for shipment. These types of items may incur additional costs, as they must be packed and handled differently to other goods.


Regardless of the manner chosen to ship your goods, there are specific restrictions for what can enter Denmark. For example, no items containing hazardous waste or any ingredient that will cause harm to other items being shipped, equipment or people are allowed. As well, any poorly-packaged items that cause odours or leakage are not permitted into the country.

Weaponry is not permitted, nor are any products which are subject to trade zone restrictions. All items will require the relevant accompanying documents. These include the bill of lading, certificate of origin, customs valuation and import licences (for goods originating outside the EEA).

Fast, affordable shipping to Denmark

The best way to choose the right method of shipment to Denmark for your goods is to speak with our team about the fastest and most cost-effective routes. We have the experience, connections and local knowledge to ensure that your goods reach Denmark on time and on budget. To ship to Denmark with NTEX, click here to make a booking or request a quote.

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