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Expert Advice On Shipping To Sweden - How You Can Save Time & Money

Posted by Liam Harrison on 03-Jan-2018 11:00:00

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If you run a business that involves regular shipping of commercial goods to Sweden, then it is important to find the most cost-effective rates for your shipping deliveries. A good value shipping service provider is the one that understands your concerns and provide all the details you need about their service elements.

Express Or Scheduled Shipping?

For rapid deliveries to Sweden you may need to use express shipping options. These will typically get your consignment to your customer in Sweden within 24 hours, using a combination of airfreight and road transport. Express shipping comes with a price attached of course, as it involves a greater level of organisation by your logistics supply. Costs will increase for large consignments, heavy goods, or irregularly shaped packages, such as industrial machinery.

A logistics company with an office presence in Sweden will be better placed to get you favourable rates on express shipping than a UK based general haulage company that simply uses third parties in Sweden. It’s always worth looking out for a Swedish company, such as NTEX, in order to get the cheapest and quickest routes.

A good way to save money on shipping, if your schedule allows it, is to book your consignment as part of a regular shipment from the UK to Sweden. Some of these go directly to a Swedish port, while others go to a destination in Denmark or Norway and complete the journey by road. Scheduled shipping to Sweden generally takes 4 to 5 working days, but can be completed in as little as 48 hours. There are big savings to be had when taking up scheduled shipping, especially if you are shipping full pallet loads. However, you need to choose a provider that gives you the flexibility to ship half loads and irregular times if required – without charging you an unfair premium to do so.

Import Documentation

Depending on the volume and contents of your cargo, you will need to fill out all the necessary documentation when shipping to Sweden. The vast majority of commercial goods can be shipped within the EU without impediment, with small consignments being subject to no custom controls at all. For small loads, import documentation is fairly easy and you will not be required to have your package inspected for a full customs approval.

For large consignments, however, a customs inspection may be necessary. To avoid delays, the goods should seek customs preapproval and be shipped with all the appropriate documents.

When creating a goods manifest for your consignment, remember to include the following information to avoid delays:

  • Give full and accurate information about all the goods in your consignment.
  • Provide a clear list of contents, listed by category of goods in the case of mixed shipments.
  • Ask a Swedish customs officer for clarification if you do not understand how import requirements relate to your package. Our NTEX logistics team can help you with this.

Avoiding Delays During Delivery 

As a Baltic country in northern Europe, Sweden is subject to fairly extreme weather during winter, which can affect the cost of logistics. The prices you’re offered may be affected by the time of year you ship. To get the best prices and avoid delays, bear in mind the following:

  • Carefully plan your delivery dates for your business products. If there are likely to be severe weather conditions that will affect your journey, you should attach a disclaimer to ensure your customer is aware of the delivery conditions and avoid any disputes.
  • Some Baltic Sea lanes are hard to navigate in winter. So, be sure to negotiate a realistic delivery window with your customers if your goods being shipped to a northern Baltic port. It may be worthwhile exploring alternative routes during the depth of winter, including completing a larger part of the journey by road.
  • For regular shipments - e.g. manufacturing consumables – it may be more cost-effective for you to ship in bulk during the summer and seek a warehousing service in Sweden from which your products can be shipped to your customer on demand, rather than ship all the way from the UK during the winter.
  • If your cargo is arriving in Sweden by sea, there must be someone on hand to receive it at port. When choosing a service, make sure it includes the full Swedish leg of the journey, from port through customs to your client’s address.

Shipping To Sweden With NTEX

At NTEX we offer fast, safe and competitively priced shipping to Sweden from the UK at any time of year. For more information, please request a quote or book your shipment with us online today.

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