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Express Delivery Schedules For Shipping To Denmark

Posted by Liam Harrison on 30-Aug-2016 14:00:05


If you have customers in Denmark and need to make a product shipment, there are a number of different options available to you, depending on how quickly you need to get them there. When you approach a logistics partner, whether they are a Scandinavian specialist or a general haulage company, your options will fall under two categories: Either you can opt to include your shipment as part of the company’s regular delivery schedule, or you can arrange an express delivery.

Regular deliveries to Denmark

If you can afford the time, opting for a regular, scheduled delivery is a great way of saving money on shipping to Denmark. Using ourselves as an example, we have shipments leaving the UK on Saturdays and Tuesdays each week. Once your goods arrive in Denmark, we can use our logistics partner there to transport your goods by road to anywhere in the country.

The journey from your distribution centre by ship and lorry to your customer’s location takes just three days. So, even on a regular delivery it is possible for us to ship to Denmark within a short timeframe. If you take an order on Friday, for instance, you may be able to book onto our Saturday shipment, with a delivery day of the following Tuesday – a turnaround of less than two working days from your customer’s perspective.

For other orders, if your customer requests goods in time for them to be booked on the Tuesday shipment, they will still have them in Denmark by the end of the week. If you need your goods delivering in a shorter timeframe then you will have to use an express delivery service.

Express deliveries to Denmark

Using an express delivery, we can guarantee delivery of your products to your customer in Denmark within 24 to 36 hours. Unlike the regular deliveries, where we have scheduled commercial shipments in place, with an express delivery we make the arrangements to get your goods over to Denmark as fast as possible, working to your requirements. Our goal is simply to facilitate the fastest and most cost-effective transfer that we can arrange.

In this – again, using ourselves as an example – we are very well placed to help you. The fastest way to get to Denmark is by using airfreight, rather than ship. Our UK-based logistics fleet will collect your goods from your location on the same day you place your order and deliver them to where they’ll be dispatched by air over to Copenhagen. From here, after clearing customs, they’ll be taken by an express lorry service directly to your customer’s door.

Not only can we guarantee this, but we can also guarantee you the best express delivery rates to Scandinavia, as a result of our extensive network of logistics relationships that we have built up with Danish supply partners. We are a Scandinavian specialist logistics company, with bases in Scandinavia and extensive knowledge of the Danish air, shipping, rail and road networks. We use this knowledge to your advantage to give you peace of mind when ordering an express delivery to Denmark. For an express Danish shipping quote that guarantees on-time delivery and won’t break the bank, get in touch with one of our service team today.

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