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Freight To Denmark – Things You Should Know

Posted by Liam Harrison on 02-Feb-2017 17:00:00

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Denmark’s large market for UK imports, as well as its rapidly-growing economy, make it an ideal place to do business. Shipping freight to Denmark is possible via several methods. Whether you ship your freight by air, sea or road, there are some important things to know before you ship.

1) EU Import Restrictions

Denmark is a member of the EU, which means that it is subject to the same restrictions on imports as other EU member countries. There are certain items which cannot enter Denmark. For example, you cannot ship any items that fall under trade zone restrictions, nor can you ship weaponry.

Items that leak their contents or emit odours due to poor packaging will also not be allowed into the country. Ingredients or hazardous waste which threaten the well-being of those handling the items, or puts the safety of equipment or other items being shipped with them at risk will also not be allowed entry.

Other items for which regulatory and customs clearances apply include plants, perishable goods with refrigeration requirements, wildlife, insects and live animals.

2) Air Shipments

Shipping to Denmark by air has restrictions that shipping by road or sea do not. Shock absorbers, perfumes and aerosols, for instance, cannot be shipped by air without documentation because they are considered to be dangerous goods. Any and all of these items need to be listed on the shipper’s inventory. Shipping these kinds of goods will incur additional cost, as they must be processed differently from other items. Air shipments will also require a carrier’s certificate.

3) Safety

The safety of your shipment to Denmark is of the utmost importance. It is often assumed that a shipping company will automatically guarantee safe shipment. However, it’s always a good idea to speak with the company you’ve chosen about whether or not they guarantee the safe delivery of your goods to Denmark. If they don’t, your financial risk could increase significantly.

4) Denmark’s Clearance Process

Any goods that enter Denmark are placed into one of two categories. An item will either have come from an EU member country (such as the UK), or from outside an EU member country. Items which originate from non-EU member countries require formal customs clearance. Items originating from EU member countries require no formal customs clearance. The latter applies to freight to Denmark from the UK, as there have been no moves away from the EU as yet.

5) Commercial Invoices

It is important to note that any shipments considered to be dutiable that relate to commercial transactions between a company and individual, or between two companies, will need to be accompanied by an invoice. This invoice should list insurance, freight and similar charges separately when applicable.

Who to Choose

You can choose a general haulage company to get your freight shipments to Denmark. However, companies involved with general haulage often lack the intimate knowledge of logistics routes to and from the country. They also will not possess the knowledge needed to be able to choose the fastest and most affordable UK-Scandinavian routes to get your goods where they need to go.

Shipping to Denmark and elsewhere in Scandinavia with NTEX has many benefits. This is because we are a specialist Scandinavian shipping company. We have established relationships with handling and warehousing companies in Denmark, and are familiar with all of the paperwork you need and charges you will incur when shipping your goods. Our general tariff includes dealing with any customs or administration forms that may be required.

We also ensure the secure and safe delivery of your goods at every stage of transfer. We have carefully chosen all of our employees and partners, and ensure safe delivery with our guarantee. Choosing a specialist company and keeping the above points in mind when shipping freight to Denmark will ensure a cost-effective and safe journey for all of your goods.

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