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Why Are GPS Systems Essential For Shipping Companies?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 27-Dec-2019 11:30:00

Why Are GPS Systems Essential For Shipping Companies?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an extensive satellite network that allows devices with a GPS transceiver to indicate or relay their exact position anywhere on earth (to an accuracy of around three metres). First used by the US military, GPS-linked computers are invaluable in helping drivers when it comes to orientation, pathfinding, route planning, and navigation.

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Since the early 2000s, GPS systems and trackers have been used extensively by shipping and haulage companies worldwide. Why is this so?

Real-Time Package And Vehicle Tracking

The unique selling point of GPS-enhanced shipping is that it can update the firm's central office and website with information about the exact position of all GPS-enabled cabs, vans, and trailers at any given time.

By linking GPS feedback to a dynamic digital database of all current packages, advanced software can be used to create precise estimates for each item of time on delivery, time of arrival, and current stage of delivery. This information can be sent to customers to keep them informed and reassured that their delivery is safe and secure.

GPS data can also be used for internal security, timekeeping, and verification by shipping companies. By monitoring goods location and movement alongside depot transfers, staff can confirm that pickups and switchovers happen where and when they should have.

Lower Insurance Costs

Insurance premiums, particularly for bulk loads and high-value items, can prove extremely costly to haulage companies moving packages between countries. Without proper tracking and monitoring for every step of the journey, some rare, large, and valuable items may be uninsurable.

One way that haulage companies convince insurers that the risk of a long-haul journey has been lowered is through using precise GPS monitoring. As well as the cab and trailer, GPS trackers can be linked to high-value packages on request. The cost of insurance falls, as the owner of the package, the haulage company, and the insurer can now check the location and status of their delivery at all times. These savings can be passed on to the customer in the form of lower premiums.

Trust And Accountability

Customers often worry whether their package will be delivered safely and whether it will turn up at the time they've requested. With real-time GPS tracking, clients are constantly reassured that the service that they've asked and paid for is being fulfilled.

If the package fails to arrive or is late, both the shipping company and customer have solid evidence to look at to determine the reason. This aids in disputes and creates direct accountability for both staff and employers.

PS Tracking With NTEX

At NTEX, we've run all our deliveries with a fully comprehensive GPS tracking and monitoring system since 2017. As a specialist Swedish carrier of time-critical packages, we know the value of precise timing and precision when it comes to haulage. Our GPS capability lets us get our deliveries to the destination, on time, on budget, every time.

Package Delivery With NTEX

If you need a package of any size delivered quickly and to a budget that suits your needs to any location in Scandinavia, call or email NTEX today. Our fleet of vehicles is more than ready to meet your requirements. Shipping larger loads and industrial parts from the UK is a particular NTEX speciality. Request a quote online today!

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