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How Importing From Norway Can Be Less Frustrating For Your Business…

Posted by Liam Harrison on 30-Jan-2018 10:20:00

How Importing from Norway Can be Less Frustrating for Your Business….png

Like hundreds of other UK businesses, your business may depend on importing from Norway. Many companies in the oil and gas sector find themselves in this position, as well as companies that depend on supplies of other Norwegian raw materials, such as timber. If so, efficient, affordable transport will be at the top of your priority list.

Reducing The Cost & Risk Of Imports

If you need to be in both the UK and Norway at the same time, what you do? While there are any number of ways to approach this question, there are only really two solutions:

  1. You either establish an office and/or warehouse presence in both countries, or
  2. You have your HQ in one or the other country and then rely on imports through a shipping business.

Many UK companies that depend on the Norwegian goods opt for the first option, even though this is more expensive. Anglo-Norwegian companies that go down this route essentially must duplicate their infrastructure, with double the facilities and staff costs, the hassle of operating a business in two – albeit similar – jurisdictions, and the expense of UK to Norway travel to conduct important business.

Why British Businesses Set Up Bases In Norway

Why voluntarily take on these expenses? The answer is usually because physically having a warehousing/manufacturing base in Norway is less risky than continually importing goods to the UK. The risk of problems arising along the supply chain to the UK is simply too great, or the costs are too high.

We appreciate this concern, as many of our customers have found themselves in precisely this situation. It only takes one missed delivery, or supplier issue, or fluctuation in prices, to make a business untenable.

The Alternative: Efficient UK-Norway Logistics

However, we would like to suggest that most import issues between Norway and the UK arise from when British companies depend on non-specialist 3PLs with little or no presence in Norway. European haulage companies tend to be either Norwegian, with offices in Oslo, Bergen, or Stavanger, or British, with just a UK base. It is a rare beast that is both Norwegian and British. Partly this is due to the language barrier. Although most Norwegians speak English, most people from the UK do not speak Norwegian, and therefore show a preference for dealing with UK based logistics companies.

At NTEX we have an established presence in both Norway and the UK, with bi-lingual native language speakers working at both ends. This brings some important advantages:

  • Our Norwegian presence gives us inside knowledge of the quickest and cheapest transfer routes within Norway. Norway is a big country and your goods could easily be held up if you make a mistaken choice of road or rail transport, especially during the winter months. Certain transport options within Norway can also add a lot of money to your journey. Our Norwegian team know all the best routes and most efficient supply partners to use to get your goods back to your UK office within budget.
  • As our UK customers are processed through our UK office, all prices are in GBP and are insulated from currency fluctuations and changes in export tariffs.

An Affordable Way To Import From Norway

When the major frustrations of imports from Norway to the UK are removed, the risks and frustration associated with having a physical presence in Norway come to the fore. You may find it is no longer as cost-effective to have your office in Norway, and it may be less frustrating – as well as a lot cheaper – to simply import the supplies you need to the UK via a reliable 3PL: NTEX

Importing Goods To The UK From Norway with NTEX

At NTEX we offer competitively priced shipping to and from the UK to Norway, on a schedule that fits in with your business. Download our free Scandinavian Logistics Guide for all you need to know about Anglo-Scandinavian logistics. To book your consignment or for a free quote, please fill out the enquiry form on our main website, and one of our service team will get back to you ASAP.

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