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How Can Road Freight Transport by road Speed up Delivery Time

Posted by Liam Harrison on 03-Aug-2022 12:45:00


When it comes to transporting goods to Scandinavia, there are a number of means that can be employed. You can send your cargo via air freight, use a seaport to deliver your goods, load it on a train for final mile fulfilment, or employ a road freight service from a port in Denmark, Holland or Germany. The choice will depend on your budget, the type of goods you are transporting and your delivery schedule.

While air travel and sea freight are the most common options for long distance and intercontinental journeys, and trains are quite reliable for transportation across continental Europe, road freight haulage is perfectly suited for Anglo Scandinavian logistics, due to the shorter journeys and comparative closeness of the different countries.

What Are The Benefits Of Road Freight Transport?

There are many benefits to using road freight transport for your cargo, whether your destination is in Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Finland. Once your goods reach port in a Scandinavian country, they can be transported all across Scandinavia by road. Common practice ships goods the furthest possible distance by sea, often to a port in Norway or Sweden. However, if you are sending cargo from the UK, it is easier to ferry it across the small body of water to one of the southern North Sea or Channel ports, and then drive it the rest of the way on a road transporter. The journeys traversed may be longer, but you will usually save money and time.

Below is a list of the main benefits proving how road transportation can be the best, the cheapest and the speediest means of delivery:

1) In terms of speed, road transportation compares favourably to trains and sea freight. Road transporters are not restricted to the schedules of trains and ships, being free to use European motorways at any time of day or night. In some cases, road transport is even quicker than airfreight, because shipments arriving by air require more time to clear customs and to prepare the necessary documents for transit.

2) Packaging requirements for road transport are also less than those required for air and ship transport. Air travel, sea cargo and railways require sophisticated packaging and crating, which involves time and expense. Road freight services, on the other hand, have much simpler palleting requirements to carry most cargo safely.

3) Another factor that affects delivery speed in road transportation is the matter of access. High-speed roads are everywhere in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, connecting every conceivable location. To every business outlet in Scandinavia, you will find an unbroken road network linking it to a Channel port. In principle, you can embark your freight at Calais in France, and use road freight transport to drive straight to your destination in northern Finland.

4) Another important point to remember is road freight services can deliver multiple parcels and cargo loads to multiple locations in one go, speeding up your overall operations by a remarkable percentage. If you are sending multiple packages to multiple destinations across Scandinavia, even in different countries, using road transport will save you a lot of time and an incredible amount of money.

5) The vast majority of journeys require road transport for their final mile fulfilment. By using road freight transport for a greater portion of the journey, you cut down on the number of transfers required. This saves you money and also speeds up your journey.

Scandinavian Road Freight Logistics With NTEX

At NTEX we specialise in shipping cargo from the UK to anywhere in the Scandinavian region, at market leading prices. We have an excellent track record for on-time deliveries, safety and value for money. We provide the transport solutions you need to get your goods there on time – including a wide range of cost-effective road freight transport links. Book online or request a quote for further details.

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