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How Shipping To Denmark Can Be Made Easier With These 6 Simple Tips

Posted by Liam Harrison on 09-Jan-2018 11:00:00

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The Scandinavian countries are host to several important industries. If you are a business that often needs to send important shipping to a destination in Denmark, we suggest that you read on. Our six point action plan will help you understand how you can improve the speed and cost effectiveness of shipping to Denmark; and ensure that you create a consistent delivery system for your clients.

B2B Strategies For Shipping To Denmark

As a fellow EU country, shipping from the UK to Denmark is almost as easy as shipping to another address in the UK. However, there are some rules and regulations to be aware of, as well as a number of logistics best practices that will help you speed your journey and avoid delays.

1) Import & Customs Regulations

Learn about the regulations of the country that may apply to your cargo or package beforehand, so the goods are not delayed due to failure to disclose contents appropriately.

2) Documentation

Get professional help for your import documentation when sending business or industrial goods to Denmark. Depending on the specifics of the goods, the necessary documentation may vary. In any case, you will be required to enclose a customs declaration in the proper format.

3) Consignment Tracking

Use a carrier that allows you to track your consignment, with real time updates and delivery information. At NTEX we always provide this facility, since you need control over your freight, especially when it is travelling by sea. Tracking your package means that you fully understand when the package will reach your destination in Denmark, and can update your customer whenever necessary.

4) Permitted Goods

Only send commercial goods that are fully receivable in Denmark. You can ensure this by carefully coordinating with your customers in the region and setting up consignments that follow the legal requirements for shipping in Denmark. Some import restrictions apply to industrial chemicals, firearms and some agricultural plant. Check in advance to avoid delays.

5) VAT & Duties

Use a reliable online tax calculator for the amount of tax due on your parcel or cargo. Instead of going through all the details of Danish tax law to understand which ones apply to you, just use one of the many readily available tax calculators online and save time. Our NTEX team can help you determine your Danish tax liability, including any customs duties (rare for goods traded within the EU) and VAT payments.

6) Receiving Goods

If you are shipping sea-freight to Denmark, you need to have a representative available at the port of entry to receive the cargo. This can be done in person if you have a business branch in Denmark, by your customer, or by an agent on your behalf. So, if you have no plans to receive the cargo yourself, arrange for a reliable agency – like NTEX – to manage the full end-to-end journey from your location to your customer’s door.

Shipping To Denmark Made Easy with NTEX

By following these simple steps, you will be well prepared for organising your shipping to Denmark. For a competitive quote on fast shipping from the UK to Denmark, please request a quote from our experienced NTEX logistics team.

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