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How Stable Is The Norway Shipping Industry?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 13-Jul-2017 16:15:00

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If your company needs to contract haulage from the UK to Norway, you may be wondering how stable the logistical systems are between here and there. At NTEX, we have been working in Scandinavia for decades, so we can offer your company some up to date opinions about the level of stability you will find in Norway. 

Whilst shipping to Norway isn't quite as straightforward as the rest of the EU, it is generally a very easy process; especially if you choose to work with an experienced shipping company like us. There are very few risks inherent to the voyage between the UK and Norway, and corruption in the Norwegian customs service is almost unheard of.

The most important thing to do is give us sufficient lead time, so that we are able to create detailed manifests for your shipment. Giving us enough time will also allow us to find the best shipping options for your company, and make the most of your budget

Ease Of Transit

From a purely logistical standpoint, getting your goods to Norway is safe and stable. Norway is easily to reach from the UK via both air and sea. Your company will have a number of haulage methods to choose from, depending on how quickly you need your goods to arrive, and what you are shipping. NTEX make sure all inland haulage is performed by professionals. 

We maintain a fleet of state of the art lorries here in the UK and we can make sure than any overland transportation in Norway is handled by similarly equipped companies. Once your goods clear the port in Norway, there is no need to worry about any specific malfeasance, as it is one of the safest countries in the world.

We recommend that companies should always take the necessary shipping insurance as a precautionary measure, but it is highly unlikely that your goods will be interfered with. 

Customs & Duties

While the logistics of a UK to Norway shipment are straightforward, the customs and duties in Norway are important to pay attention to. Norway takes its border controls very seriously and any failure to comply with their regulations may result in fines and delays at the port.

It is very important to complete all the necessary paperwork for your goods before they leave the UK, so that once in Norway, they will pass through customs quickly. Very few goods are actually prohibited from entering Norway, but any form of weapon will need to have special permission granted by the Norwegian Police department. 

Like many countries Norway has special duties for tobacco and alcohol and food products will also have a duty applied to them. If you have any questions about the kind of duties which might apply to goods bound for Norway, please let us know. We have extensive experience with customs regulations across Scandinavia and will be happy to help you find out what needs to be done. 

Call Us For Great Options

NTEX specialise in Scandinavia shipments and have extensive experience within the Norwegian shipping industry. There is absolutely no need to compromise when it comes to getting your goods to Norway on time and we can help you find the right haulage solution for your company.

Please give us a call on 01469 571440 for more information about what we can do for you, or visit our website. Here at NTEX we know what it takes to get your Norwegian logistics sorted out, and we have decades of experience doing it. 

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