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How To Get Delivery To Sweden In 27 Hours

Posted by Liam Harrison on 02-Sep-2016 11:30:00


You need delivery to Sweden. You’ve got less than 30 hours to get your goods there. This may sound like an issue for Jason Bourne, after he quit being a spy to join the logistics business, or maybe for Postman Pat, looking for a bit of excitement after his Yorkshire deliveries. In fact, it is a common problem regularly faced by hundreds of Operations Managers needing to make priority shipments to customers in Sweden. The frustrating thing is that it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The problem with Express Deliveries to Sweden

You’ve got your products ready to go and your customer is waiting. Physically getting them to Sweden within 27 to 36 hours is definitely possible. You could, for instance, travel yourself to anywhere in Sweden from the UK in less than half that time. The problem arises with how inflexible many of the airfreight delivery options are. When sourcing a haulage company for your shipping to Sweden, you are likely to run into one of the following two problems:

1) “We can do this for you, but we haven’t got a scheduled delivery until next week. Sorry.”

Many general global or European haulage companies claim they can get your shipments to anywhere in the world, and will often say they can do so within 36 or even 24 hours. What they sometimes fail to disclose is that they can only give these delivery guarantees if you opt to fit in with one of their regular, scheduled deliveries. So, to get your goods to Sweden in less than 30 hours you would have to wait until, say, next Tuesday before the delivery clock starts. Unfortunately, as logistics managers will testify, this isn’t how the real world of business works. Postponing your delivery to fit in with what is convenient to the haulage company could cause unacceptable delays for your customer.

2) “Yes, we can do this for you. Our quote is £(Insert obscene and unrealistic amount)”

If you are lucky enough to find a haulage company that is prepared to deviate from their delivery timetable to arrange an express delivery, you may find yourself with an unreasonably large quote. It is reasonable to expect to pay more for an express delivery than you would do for a scheduled shipment, but the fee should still be realistic and reflect the value offered by the service. The common reason behind these high prices is the lack of connections a general haulage company has in Scandinavia.

The alternative: book your shipment with a Swedish logistics specialist

If you have a shipment that you need to get to Sweden in a hurry, we can deliver it for you in 27 hours. And we genuinely mean 27 hours from when you need it to be shipped, not from when it’s convenient to us. At NTEX, we are a Scandinavian shipping specialist, with our headquarters in Gothenburg in Sweden. We have built up an extensive network of logistics partners and third parties that allow us to ship any consignment from the UK to Sweden in a hurry.

Here is the difference between ourselves and a general haulage company: We know the Swedish airfreight, rail and road network like the back of our hands. We also have the relationships in place to secure you the best prices. So we’ll not only be able to get your goods delivered on time, but it won’t break the bank to do so.

For an express delivery quote that will put a smile on your face, give us a call today, and we’ll get your goods delivered to Sweden on time.

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