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How To Get Overnight Delivery To Finland 

Posted by Liam Harrison on 15-Jun-2020 11:27:13

How to Get Overnight Delivery to Finland 

When you suddenly find yourself having to ship goods to pastures new it can be a disconcerting process - especially when your goods have to cross unknown borders. Employing the services of a specialist logistics company, with in-depth knowledge of your particular requirements and the mode of transport best suited to your company’s needs, will provide peace of mind.

If for instance, you are shipping to Finland, choosing a company like NTEX, who have specialist knowledge of Finland’s transport links and customs requirements, will ensure your goods are delivered quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. 

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Shop Around 

It is always worth shopping around for the best quotes if you wish to ship overnight because many transport companies will try and charge more for overnight shipping – but it shouldn’t be like that.

Certainly, overnight shipping is more expensive than standard shipping, but not to the excessive levels charged by many businesses. By undertaking a little research, you should be able to get your goods shipped overnight to Finland, or other Scandinavian destinations, at very competitive rates. 

It’s Not Just About Cost

Although we all want to move goods as cheaply as possible, cost shouldn’t be the only consideration. There’s little point in accepting the cheapest quote if your “overnight” delivery takes three or four days to get there! While cost is important, enquiries over the shipping company’s connections within the destination country are essential.

Without sufficient knowledge of the shipping and customs documentation required, your goods could end up side-lined for days, or even weeks, while the correct documents are obtained.

Be safe; find a company that regularly transports to the same country that your goods are destined for. 

Can You Plan For All Eventualities? 

You can only do what you can do. Once your goods have been collected for shipping, their fate between your premises and your customer’s is out of your hands. Make sure your chosen shipping company has every possible contingency covered.

Enquire whether your goods will be fully insured against all possible shipping eventualities. 

Check Your Shipping Partner’s Reputation 

It takes time and a lot of hard work to build a reputation for quality goods and reliable service. If your hard-won new customer in Finland requires new machinery or spare parts quickly, can you promise to deliver?

Many shipping companies have rigid collection and shipping days - not much good if your client is faced with an emergency and you need to get your products to them as fast as possible.

When looking for a reliable company that ships to the Scandinavian countries, you need a company capable of adjusting their schedules to meet your requirements for fast, overnight shipping. 

Ensure Your Shipping Company Can Meet Your Needs 

No one knows your business better than you. Hunt around for a reputable company capable of meeting your requirements. You may only experience the need for emergency shipping a few times a year, but these situations do come up.

Do you really want to spend precious time tracking down a new shipping company who can solve the problem?

A reputable shipping company will work with you, and be able to provide instances of other companies they have helped in similar situations. 

Email, Telephone Or Face To Face 

Do your products require specialist handling or packing? Choose a shipping company that asks a lot of questions about your products.

Will one of their agents visit your premises for first-hand knowledge of your goods and shipping requirements? How long have they been shipping to the Scandinavian countries you are beginning to do business with?

A good, reliable, shipping company should be considered an extension of your business operation, making sure the goods you’ve promised those hard won customers are delivered cost-effectively, safely, and on time. 

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