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How To Maximise The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Swedish Logistics Company

Posted by Liam Harrison on 03-May-2018 16:57:23

How To Maximise The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Swedish Logistics Company

The benefits of hiring a Professional Swedish Logistics Company – rather than a general haulage provider – are wide, including the fact that companies like NTEX make sure that your consignment is delivered on time and handled with the utmost care all the way to its destination. A rapport between company and client is always important because a client will always go back to a logistics company if they are served well. To maximise customer service, businesses are encouraged to look for specialist logistics companies that will make sure their Swedish logistics service is uninterrupted and of top quality.

Swedish Logistics With NTEX

At NTEX we offer a fast, flexible logistics service from the UK to any business address in Sweden, with deliveries completed in as little as 24-36 hours.

There are several benefits of trusting a shipping company like NTEX to answer your logistic requirements when it comes to shipping, handling and delivering cargo to Sweden.

  • Benefit 1: We know how the road transport regulations in every European/Scandinavian country work, so we adapt to the roads in order to achieve the fastest delivery time for your load – even if it is large, overhanging etc.
  • Benefit 2: We have permanent offices in Sweden and third party partners located strategically around the country. This gives us access to multimodal transport combinations that a general haulage provider not based in Sweden may not be aware of. The result: the ability to get your goods to destination faster and more affordably than a non-specialist.
  • Benefit 3: Our job is to get your goods to your customer on time, according to the delivery schedule you have both agreed. It is not for us to dictate delivery times to you! Flexibility is therefore at the core of our service. We do offer cost-effective scheduled shipping each week that can deliver in as little as four business days, but sometimes this isn’t fast enough. We also offer a range of express shipping options, using the fastest combination of road, air or sea transport. Express shipping always comes with a higher cost than regular transport, but we use our contacts to help keep the costs as low as possible and will always be transparent about price.

Saving Time & Money

There are certain ways you can maximise the benefits of working with a Swedish logistics specialist. Applying these practices could save you time or money, or in some circumstances both.

Book in advance: The closer to the time your transport is booked, the more expensive it is likely to be. Try and book as far in advance as possible. This gives your logistics partner time to arrange the fastest and most cost-effective routes for you. This being said, a specialist like NTEX can normally ‘pull strings’ for you and give you several good options even at short notice – but you have a wider choice with a longer lead time.

Understand your cargo: Sweden and the UK are both members of the EU (at the time of writing – the UK will leave the EU on 29th March 2019). This means there are very few import restrictions and no tariffs to pay. Nevertheless, some goods entering Sweden are subject to import controls, such as armaments, hazardous chemicals and some types of machinery. There may also be other requirements if your cargo comes from outside the EU, simply using the UK as a staging post. Talk to a specialist logistics company or do your research to ensure there are no restrictions on your cargo before it begins its journey.

Choose a scheduled transport: Regular shipping routes run between the UK and Sweden several times a week. Being part of a shipment that is already taking place is more cost-effective than having a specialist journey arranged just for you. If you can afford the time and want to keep costs down, we recommend you explore scheduled shipments first – before discussing express shipping.

Request A Quote

For 24/7 shipping to Sweden, as well as warehousing and other support services, please get in touch with us today. You can request a quote or book a shipment online by clicking here.

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