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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Shipping Companies in Oslo

Posted by Liam Harrison on 20-Jul-2017 14:00:00

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When shipping your goods to Norway it is natural to look for a shipping company based in Oslo; the Norwegian capital city, and one of the country’s major ports. However, many companies that do so run into a number of frustratingly common problems. This article addresses each of the main issues and explains how we can help.

Oslo Shipping At Norwegian Prices

As anyone who has been out for drinks and a pizza in Oslo will tell you, the Norwegian capital is expensive – one of the priciest cities in Europe! This applies to the rates charged by logistics businesses as much as it does to restaurants. The unfortunate result is that Oslo-based shipping companies are consistently outcompeted on price by general haulage companies based in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. This is a problem because most UK exporters to Norway prefer the expertise of a Norwegian haulage company to a general shipping service. They have to make the unenviable choice between lower prices and lower expertise.

Local Expertise In Norway & The UK

The very least a company should expect of a logistics partner is fast and reliable delivery. Once your goods actually arrive in Oslo, you can rely on a Norwegian team to know the right buttons to press and people to call to get your goods to your customer by the fastest means possible. But what about the all-important journey from your location in the UK to the port of Oslo? Unfortunately, most Oslo shipping companies simply don’t have the presence in the UK to be able to guarantee fast delivery or the best routes.

Without a UK base, the Norwegian business will have limited shipping options and will have to rely on third-party providers in the UK. This is likely to bump up your prices even more. It is also bad news if you need to get your goods to Norway in a hurry, as the Oslo haulage company may be restricted to regular shipments, without access to flexible express shipping options. Here again, Oslo-based shipping companies lose out to competitors in the UK. However, by opting for a UK based haulage company, you may face the same problem in reverse: efficient service on the UK to Norway part of the journey, but delays and limited options once the goods arrive in Oslo.

At NTEX we solve this issue by giving our customers the best of all worlds: local teams in Norway and the UK, flexible shipping options and low prices.

Fast Shipping To Norway With NTEX

NTEX is an Anglo-Swedish business with major bases in all four Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland), as well as an office in the UK. Our main office and logistics centre in Norway is in Oslo, giving us excellent access to the country’s ports and transportation network. Our Norwegian team have established third-party logistics relationships, giving you the widest choice of shipping options and access to the lowest prices. We also operate bases in other major Norwegian ports, giving you on-the-ground support when you need to use an alternative destination to Oslo.

As a company that straddles five countries, with an integrated network of supply partners and contacts across Scandinavia, we do not have the price limitations of a company based solely in Oslo. We can offer cheaper rates than our competitors, while still providing the local expertise and Norwegian logistics experience you need to ensure fast and efficient delivery.

Request A Quote

For competitive prices on fast, flexible shipping to Norway, request a quote from NTEX. You can get quotes or place bookings online by clicking here, or chat with one of our team by calling 01469 571440.

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