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Smooth Sailing After Brexit – How UK-EU Trade Has Bounced Back From Early Brexit Delays

Posted by Liam Harrison on 07-Sep-2021 15:07:51


In May 2021, exports of British goods to the European Union (EU) hit a twenty month high, according to official statistics. This marks a welcome reversal of the trend at the beginning of the year, when Britain left the bloc's customs union and single market. The total value of British goods exported in May, excluding precious metals, was £27.9 billion. This figure is higher than any month since January 2020, shortly before COVID-19 started to wreak havoc.

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EU imports have increased as well, following a decline at the beginning of 2021, when the coronavirus pandemic caused traffic disruptions throughout the English Channel. The British government is now focused on ensuring that any struggling businesses get the help they require to trade profitably with the European Union.

Shipping To The EU With NTEX

For this reason, now is a great time to book shipping with a leading freight forwarding providers like NTEX. We can offer and coordinate import/export solutions from the United Kingdom. Our services are operating normally, with no delays, and all customers are guided through the process by our knowledgeable team. From the moment you hire us to the point of delivery, your cargo is under your control.

UK To Scandinavia Transport Services

We are a specialist provider of full load and groupage cargo shipments between the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, although we offer other services too. Our services include road freight logistics solutions, from standard transport to emergency express shipments. NTEX has strategically located offices in Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic states that handle all our full loads, consolidated shipments, and general cargo.

If you require direct air or consolidated transport, NTEX provides the most dependable and affordable air freight services available. To meet the growing demand for quicker transit times, we use established routes and premium carriers for consolidated shipments. In addition, our global agent network has allowed us to extend our door-to-door services significantly.

Better still, on a weekly basis, we provide sea freight departures and arrivals to and from every continent. This applies to over-sized cargo, as well as full container load (FCL) and less container load (LCL). We thoroughly assess your requirements to maximise efficiency and minimise logistics expenses, so your goods arrive ashore safely.

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