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Is It Possible To Ship Goods In An Environmentally Responsible Way?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 13-Aug-2021 10:00:00

With world governments committed to slashing carbon emissions during the next three decades, and consumers increasingly being drawn to businesses who can demonstrate a commitment to protecting the environment, international logistics is, unsurprisingly, under the microscope.

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While legislation can commit logistics companies to implement positive change to reduce emissions, the shipping industry is already investing heavily in green solutions for the future. What’s more, socially responsible businesses, including NTEX, are already one step ahead, offering sustainable shipping options that make the shipping of goods between the UK and Scandinavia more environmentally friendly than ever before.

How NTEX Ships Goods In An Environmentally Friendly Way

By engaging with NTEX to ship your business goods to Scandinavia, you can be confident that we implement the most stringent green policies to reduce your impact on the environment. So, how do we achieve this?

A Commitment To Exceeding International Standards

By constantly aiming to deliver more sustainable solutions than the law requires – in terms of choice of transport medium, fuel economy, efficient route planning, modern ‘green’ engines etc – we can exceed expectation and enable your business to advertise its green credentials. This also ensures our service is compliant to environmental standards in both the EU and UK, regardless of which jurisdiction has the stricter safeguards in place. (We are expecting to see a ‘green arms race’ between the UK and EU over the next decade, with progressively more stringent sustainability regulations introduced by each side.)

Minimising Movement Of Goods

By minimising the movement of goods before they are shipped, and by using advanced route planning technology to calculate the shortest, most cost-effective routes, we reduce the overall environmental impact of our logistics operation. Every kilometre of transportation that is saved reduces carbon emissions, so our Transport Management Team works proactively to ensure that our environmental impact is as small as possible.

Flexible Transport Options

Rather than being fixated with road transport, we utilise different shipping options, including rail and sea, to reduce our environmental impact, without affecting delivery times. We have access to the Norwegian and Swedish rail network from our transhipment terminal that is connected to the Port of Gothenburg, which we acquired in 2013.

The Latest Low-Emissions Vehicles

At NTEX, we also use the latest low-emissions vehicles in-line with EU directives to reduce harmful pollutants. This also applies to sub-contracted haulage services which, on occasions, we use. In this situation, we insist that all new vehicles are Euro 6 compliant.

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