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Lower Disruption Time with A Professional Denmark Shipping Company

Posted by Liam Harrison on 22-Feb-2018 12:35:52


Disruption and delays are the bugbear of any business that depends on exporting to Denmark. Even though the UK and Denmark are only a couple of hundred miles away as the crow flies, cross North Sea shipping can still be expensive.

Last Mile Fulfilment In Denmark

Moreover, once your goods are embarked in Denmark, there is the all-important last mile to content with. This is, unfortunately, where many general haulage companies fall short. They are perfectly capable of shipping your goods from your UK address to a Danish port in a timely manner. But without eyes on the ground, their knowledge of logistics within Denmark is limited, opening many opportunities for delay. 

  • It could be a simple as the haulage company underestimates the amount of time a road journey will take, or is unaware of traffic incidents or roadworks.
  • It may be that the business does not know about alternative routes that may be cheaper, whether by road or rail.
  • It could also be that the general haulage company has the knowledge, but not the local supply partnerships in place, so you may end up paying more than you have to, or must wait to receive service.

Who Takes The Blame For Failed Deliveries?

Whatever the reason, responsibility and flak for any delay invariably ends up at your door, not with the haulage company. It is your customer who will be inconvenienced and frustrated, not them. It is your business that will need to shoulder the additional costs, at the risk of losing customers.

The Solution

The solution to this problem is to move away from general haulage providers to a specialist Danish shipping company with a broad network of supply partnerships in the country. Or go one step beyond this. If you prefer dealing with British companies and support staff, choose a logistics business with an established base in the UK AND Denmark. Such a business is extremely well placed to offer you the best and fastest transport deals on both sides of the North Sea, including local routes that may not occur to businesses that are not based in the country.

The Advantages of Using NTEX

Therefore, you should consider using NTEX. We are a genuinely Anglo-Scandinavian business: set up originally in Sweden more than 30 years ago, but now with permanent offices in Denmark, the UK, Norway, Sweden and Finland – and a presence in all major ports. We also have partnerships in place with all the main shipping and logistics companies in Denmark to speed your journey as soon as it reaches the border. And of course, our logistics services run both ways, so it is perfect for any business that needs to ship goods to or from Denmark.

With lower disruption time and less money wasted on delays, there will be more opportunities to expand your Danish market and provide better service to your customers.

Hassle Free Shipping from The UK To Denmark with NTEX

At NTEX we offer a fast and efficient service from the UK to Denmark. To find out more about Anglo-Scandinavian logistics, click here to download a free copy of our Scandinavian Logistics Guide.

To book transport to Denmark with us, please get in touch through our online contact form.

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