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Making Your Transport To Scandinavia More Cost-Effective

Posted by Liam Harrison on 26-Jan-2022 10:00:00


Using supply partners in Scandinavia can offer a host of benefits to UK manufacturers, but only if companies use the right logistics strategy. From planning your consignments to ensuring that you don’t make documentation errors, here’s everything you need to know! 

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Maximise Delivery Loads

Speedy journeys to Scandinavia involve multiple stages, often including road, ship, train, and sometimes air. As such, warehousing and goods handling costs can quickly add up. Maximising delivery loads will lead to reduced costs, and when this is integrated into the long-term logistics strategy the savings will grow over time. Experienced logistics providers such as NTEX can help to plan deliveries so that they are optimised in terms of space, and will have the necessary software to help you get the most value from your shipping choice. 

Plan Ahead Using Pre-Existing Delivery Schedules

Multi-leg journeys always require careful organisation. Using pre-existing schedules is the most convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way to plan ahead. When schedules are already established, all of the links line up neatly, leading to excellent levels of predictability. By using NTEX’s guaranteed routes, there are no unexpected stopovers, unnecessary delays, or surprise fees. When everything is neatly planned by an experienced and trustworthy provider, the costs are equally well managed.  

Work With a Specialist Scandinavian Transport Provider

General haulage companies often dabble in Scandinavian freight, but this can lead to delays, inefficiencies, and increased costs. Specialist companies such as NTEX enjoy established relationships with third parties at every stage of the journey, leading to reliable schedules and better prices. Without intimate knowledge of Scandinavian and EU trade legislation, non-specialist logistics providers also frequently make documentation errors, leading to goods being held up at customs entry points. As such, working with a specialist Scandinavian transport provider is one of the best ways of controlling costs and avoiding delays.  

Look For Safety and Security

As EU haulage requires multiple stages, the entire process needs to have guaranteed levels of safety. Companies such as NTEX have trusted partners at every phase of the journey to reduce the risk of damage, theft, and loss. To ensure that costs are kept to a minimum, make sure that your provider values training, reputation, and attention to detail, as these translate to increased security. 

Ask For Flexibility

Even though planning ahead and using established schedules is highly efficient, cost-effective transport to Scandinavia should always have the option for tailored requirements. This may mean expedited delivery, delivery to new destinations, or consignments with special requirements. Logistics experts such as NTEX will have all the necessary contacts and networks to ensure that your needs are met without breaking the bank. 

Next Steps

There are significant cost benefits to using Scandinavian trade routes, and NTEX can help to make the price predictable, affordable, and guaranteed. For more information, please send us a message, or call to speak with one of our customer service team. 

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