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Moving Long Loads Through Scandinavia - What Are The Regulations?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 16-May-2018 16:51:18

Moving Long Loads Through Scandinavia - What Are the Regulations

While handling, shipping and delivering cargo with NTEX is easy and reliable, it helps to have a working knowledge of the regulations relating to moving long loads through Scandinavia. This fore arms you when trusting your products to a third party company like NTEX.

As an experienced import and export company with bases in the UK and across Scandinavia, we know all the regulations required to transport long loads by road, rail or ship. We arrange all the paperwork on your behalf for each country of transit – to minimise the risk of delay and ensure your cargo is compliant.

Abnormal Load Transport

In the EU, long loads are considered ‘abnormal’ for the purposes of road transport. This is because they carry a heightened risk of causing personal injury, road traffic accidents and damage to property – as well as traffic congestion.

Ensuring safe transport without delays therefore involves ensuring the long load cargo is securely fastened to the transporter, and that safe use is made of all the roads along the route.

Sweden, Denmark and Finland are all members of the EU and Norway is part of the closely aligned EEA, so all four countries follow broadly similar regulations for transporting long loads. The same can be said for the UK. Some local variations apply, as well as common sense rules for transporting long loads during the winter in Scandinavia, but for the purposes of this article it is sufficient to discuss the common EU guidelines for securing cargo and road movement.

Securing Your Cargo

According to the EU road cargo guidelines issued in 2014, attention should be paid to the structure of the transporting vehicle, the packaging used, security equipment and weight distribution on the vehicle. For long loads this frequently involves securing the cargo using specialist web lashings, steel wire ropes and chains, as well as reducing friction through anti-slip mats and specialised packaging if required. Long the low transport will usually require a specialist vehicle, which may be wider or taller than standard lorries.

Arranging Transit

EU road transport guidelines for abnormal loads vary depending on the size and weight of the cargo. Some long loads will need permits for transport issued by local police department or highway authorities. At the very least, notice may need to be given with details of the route prior to transit itself. This can be anything up to 6 months prior to the journey. You may be restricted on the times you can travel, for instance to avoid rush hour in busy towns.

Vehicles transporting long loads may need special marking and signalling arrangements, and may need to be equipped with counterweights. If the load is wide as well as long – i.e. it is an overhanging load – some parts of the journey may need a police escort, or an escort driver arranged privately by the logistics company. Qualified traffic directors may also be required to avoid congestion on busy roads. Escort drivers and traffic directors need to be trained, certified and registered with the relevant authorities.

Getting From A to B

Transporting a long load involves a greater level of planning than standard cargo. We therefore recommend you speak to us as far in advance as possible so we can make all the arrangements for you. Long loads are also at greater risk of delay due to traffic congestion and vehicle inspections. It is important that local authorities and police departments at every stage of the journey are fully aware of the route map and nature of the cargo – to avoid unnecessary hold-ups.

At NTEX we have the experience, the infrastructure and the knowledge to transport any kind of long load through Scandinavia and get it to its destination on time. We provide a range of road, sea and rail transport options to minimise the administrative burden and the costs associated with abnormal transport.

To request a quote, please call, or send us a message through our contact form.

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