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What Shipping Costs Can You Expect To Pay For Overnight Export To Scandinavia?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 16-May-2017 17:05:00

What Shipping Costs Can You Expect To Pay For Overnight Export To Scandinavia?-1

Booking overnight haulage from the UK to Scandinavia isn't as difficult as you may think. There are always options open to your company when you need to get something to Scandinavia in a hurry, and it isn't necessarily going to cost a fortune. While an express service is always going to cost more than a scheduled delivery, it shouldn't be prohibitively expensive. Local knowledge goes a long way towards making sure that you get a quality service, and that your shipment can get from door-to-door overnight.

Pricing Is Relative

Who you choose to deal with makes all the difference. At NTEX we know the best Scandinavian shipping routes and that allows us to take advantage of our long-standing local connections. When you want to get your goods to a Scandinavian destination overnight, several steps come into play. You need to make sure that you deal with a company that has a wealth of experience in expediting not only transit, but customs clearance as well. NTEX has been doing business in Scandinavia for more than three decades, and was founded in Sweden, so we are extremely familiar with the market in all four Scandinavian countries. 

Local Contacts

Air or sea based transportation is only part of the equation when it comes to express shipping. If your shipment is going to go door-to-door in less than a day, your haulage company will need to be able to interface with the ground transportation links in whatever Scandinavian country that you are shipping to. At NTEX we maintain offices in every Scandinavian country and recommend you only deal with a company that has advanced local capabilities. Especially when time is a factor, local connections mean lower costs and on-time delivery. 

Flexible Timing

It is unfortunate that many shipping companies equate flexibility with added costs. If you need to establish a relationship with a haulage company that can work around your deadlines, make sure that they don't overcharge you when your goods need to be delivered in a short timeframe. At NTEX we don't mind using our depth of experience to the benefit of our clients, and flexibility is a big part of how we work. Of course, the more time you give us to prepare a shipment, the better. To some degree there will always be a premium on last minute, rushed haulage. But it should never be prohibitive to your business, or create problems for any of the parties involved. 

NTEX Knows Scandinavia

Express shipping to Scandinavia with NTEX is a great option if you need rapid delivery to your customers in Norway, Finland, Denmark or Sweden. We are happy to offer you free quotes for any kind of haulage, so that you can get a firm idea of the value for money we offer you with each shipment. If you need to get your goods to Scandinavia quickly, please give us a call on 01469 571440, or have a look at our website for more information about all the services we offer. 

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