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Shipping Between The UK And Scandinavia After Brexit

Posted by Liam Harrison on 22-Sep-2021 12:00:00

Shipping Between The UK And Scandinavia After Brexit

With the Covid 19 crisis occupying all the headlines and, to be honest, most people’s headspace, it’s easy to forget about Brexit.

Brexit will bring changes to the transport of goods to and from the UK to Scandinavia, especially for customers and carriers in Sweden. Brexit will have an impact the logistics and letter services, as the handling of goods and trade between Sweden and the UK will require changes in procedures, including new charges for the services involved.

So in this article we look beyond Coronavirus and bring the conversation back to Brexit, and in particular, how things currently stand for UK-Scandinavian trade when the Transition Period ends.

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Brexit:  Years in the making, and finally the wheels are grinding towards a formal decision on the nature of the UK’s potential trading relationship with the European Union.

For businesses on either side of the North Sea who have enjoyed decades of frictionless trade, the future represents a golden opportunity to expand their horizons, while strengthening their established trading relationships. Understandably, UK export businesses are concerned about how smoothly goods will move across the continent.

However, until all agreements between the UK and EU are signed off, a degree of uncertainty will naturally linger.

Beyond Transition

Here are some several key aspects of post-Brexit trade have been signalled:

  • Checks on goods by officials will take place on all goods imports into the UK;
  • Goods being exported into the EU from the UK will also be subject to customs checks;
  • Imported and exported goods will be treated equally, with businesses required to complete and submit customs declarations, and potential delays likely to occur at borders to allow checks to take place.

Forging Your Future

There may be changes to the way in which goods move between the UK and Scandinavia in the post-Brexit world, but at NTEX we’re committed to preserving frictionless trade for all of our customers, on whichever side of the North Sea they are based.

Our comprehensive investment in upgrading our IT systems, customs protocols and professional development puts us at the forefront of UK-Scandinavian freight handling and shipping once the transition period has ended, to ensure a consistent and reliable service with minimal delays.

An End-To-End Shipping Service From NTEX

As part of our service to you, NTEX can process all necessary paperwork to fulfil your customs obligations, eliminating the stress and reducing the chance of costly hold-ups at borders.

For more information about our services, please get in touch today.

COVID 19 UPDATE: We are currently operating a normal service for both scheduled and express shipments. To discuss your requirements, please call 01469 571 440.

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