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Shipping Cost To Norway - What You Can Expect To Pay

Posted by Liam Harrison on 25-Jul-2017 14:00:00

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Contracting transport from the UK to Norway is a straightforward matter if you choose to deal with an experienced company. There are many ways to move your goods to Norway but some are more cost-effective and time efficient than others. So knowing all of the options your company has will ensure you get the right service and don’t pay more than necessary

The cost of UK-Norway exports are affected by several factors. Norway does charge customs duties on some types of item, and in some cases your goods will have to get special approval from Norway to enter. 

There is no need to worry, as we are glad to explain all of the nuances of Norwegian import laws to you. Here are some of factors that will come into play when your company ships goods to Norway. 

The Right Route

The distance between the UK and Norway isn't large, but your company still has a number of shipping options to choose from. The transport method you choose will make a big difference when it comes to the cost, and it will also determine the speed of your shipment. We are happy to walk your company through all the ways your haulage needs can be satisfied, and can arrange almost any kind of haulage schedule to let you meet your delivery deadlines. 

Timing Matters

For a lower price, using a combination of sea and road transport is the best way to go. At NTEX we are specialists and we do scheduled shipments to Norway twice a week. If your company need to move a large amount of commercial products to Norway on a fixed time frame, please give us a call. We can find an express solution for your logistical needs, and offer some of the best rates in the marketplace. 

Physical Concerns

In the world of logistics, size matters. In most cases the time frame and size of the shipment will be the two largest contributing factors when it comes to pricing, so keep that in mind when your company decides how to organise its logistics.

The cheapest way to package items is on pallets or in boxes, but containers are also an option if security or risk of damage is an issue. We are happy to talk to you about the most cost-effective ways to package items for Norwegian bound exports, so your company gets the most for its money. 

Customs & Duties

Although most UK-Norway trade is tariff free, some items are subject to import duties. If you want to know more about how these duties will affect your shipment to Norway, please contact us. Regardless of the duties involved, your goods will have to be recorded on a shipping manifest prior to leaving the UK. 

Shipping To Norway With NTEX

When it comes to creating economical solutions for Scandinavian shipments, NTEX is the company to turn to. Founded in Sweden, we now maintain offices in all four Scandinavian countries, as well as our central office in the UK. Shipping to Norway with NTEX will give your company peace of mind that your goods will arrive safely and on time at your customer’s door. Give us a call on 01469 571440 for more information about our logistics services.

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