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Large Package Shipping Companies: Top Tips On Transporting To Scandinavia

Posted by Liam Harrison on 05-Jan-2022 09:00:00


So, you want to ship a large package from the United Kingdom to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or Finland? There are quite a few ways you can do this. However, each needs careful consideration. Large load haulage can be extremely costly and cumbersome if planned and handled poorly. Here's our guide to getting the best deal on large package shipping to Scandinavian countries.

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What Qualifies As A 'Large Package' For Shipping?

In our context, 'large' doesn't mean 'bigger than an A4 envelope'. Large packages are any packages that require a standalone space for transportation. There is no set, universal scale. However, most shipping companies consider loads bigger than the size of one standard pallet as 'large.' There is no upper limit. Large packages may take up an entire trailer or require multiple trips to transport in full.

What Causes Inflated Costs?

The most common cause of inflated costs for shipping to Scandinavia is size mismatch. Companies often charge extra for multiple trips, half-empty containers, and unusually-shaped loads.

For high-value packages, individual, spacious, tightly monitored shipping does make sense. However, routine and lower priority shipping to Scandinavia could be prohibitively costly. If you can, try to find a way that your package can be palletised, wrapped, or boxed. This allows it to be shipped alongside other deliveries, cutting costs. If you're sending a lot of items at once, try to find a haulier that has vehicles large enough to take all of your order in one go.

How Long Does It Take To Ship Overseas?

How important is it that your package arrives in Scandinavia quickly? Most haulage companies offer significant discounts on staggered, slower, and economy shipping options. If you're sending a large package from the United Kingdom to Scandinavia, this can mean waiting as little as two days more for the delivery to arrive. While express delivery may be the right choice in some cases, slower deliveries are better for internal transfers of goods, personal requests, and low-priority items.

It's also worth looking at when your parcel is scheduled to be delivered. If your shipping company gives you the option to select it, off-peak slots during a 9-5 weekday window are cheaper than out of hours or weekend deliveries.

Know Your Shipping Providers

Is it cheaper or faster to localise the haulage for your deliveries? Certain companies offer better rates and options for different areas in Scandinavia than others. Check to see which rates apply to the areas you're going to be transferring your large packages between.

If you're moving goods between rural or isolated locations, a two-step plan where one international company is used to ship your package to a major city (such as Oslo) then transferred at a depot to a local company may prove cheaper overall than scheduling an out-of-the-way delivery with a universal provider. A Scandinavian transport specialist like NTEX can create a bespoke supply chain for your journey and advise you on the best option for your timescale and budget.

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