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Shipping To Copenhagen – Everything You Need To Know!

Posted by Liam Harrison on 19-Jan-2022 10:00:00


Denmark is a leading supply chain and export destination for UK businesses. Here’s everything you need to know about shipping commercial goods, fast and cheaply, from the UK to Copenhagen. 

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Copenhagen – Gateway To Denmark and Northern Europe

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Conveniently located on the coast, it boasts deep shipping harbours and excellent onward transport networks to Sweden, Russia, and the EU Baltic States. Denmark is ranked third in the world for ease of doing business, and is highly receptive to UK trade. As such, it boasts a range of benefits for UK traders. 

How Long Does It Take To Ship From The UK To Copenhagen?

Shipping goods to Denmark can be done by sea, road, or air. Journey times by sea average between three and five days, making it one of the most convenient international shipping options. The transport networks are excellent, but delays can occur when paperwork is not submitted correctly, which is why it is advisable to work with an experienced logistics provider such as NTEX. 

What Are The Costs of Shipping To Copenhagen?

Although not part of the EU monetary bloc, Denmark remains an EU member state. As such, free trade agreements with the country are currently subject to review. Therefore, always ask your shipping provider for updated information regarding costs, duties, and documentation requirements.  

How Does Tax Work In Copenhagen?

VAT in Denmark is standardised at 25% for all goods and services. A double taxation convention exists to prevent extra costs when shipping to and from the UK. All double taxation conventions are subject to regular reviews, so always check with your shipping provider for the latest details. 

How Easy Is It To Ship To Copenhagen?

The North Sea transport routes between the UK and Denmark are some of the best in the world, leading to high levels of efficiency. An additional bonus of Copenhagen is that the sea does not freeze during the winter, meaning waterways remain open. Like other Scandinavian destinations, Denmark requires detailed import/export paperwork, so to optimise the process it is recommended to work with an experienced logistics provider. 

How Safe Is It To Ship To Copenhagen?

Security is valued in Denmark, and criminal damage is low. Road safety is similar to the UK, with icy winter weather being the primary risk factor. Companies experienced in Danish logistics will always use the necessary equipment to ensure secure travel, and in the case of last mile road transport this includes specialised driving techniques for winter conditions. 

What Next?

As experienced shipping providers between the UK and Scandinavia, NTEX have helped thousands of companies benefit from the port of Copenhagen. To find out more, please get in touch

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