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3 Ways To Ensure Reliable Shipping To Norway

Posted by Liam Harrison on 25-Apr-2017 17:00:31

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Shipping commercial material from the UK to Norway isn't difficult with the right specialist haulage company. While Norway is a member of the EEC, it isn't a member of the EU. This creates some legal nuances that require special attention for shipments originating in the UK.

While there is some additional paperwork and considerations for customs duty when shipping to Norway, with the help of an experienced haulage company there won't be any problems or hold-ups in customs. Here at NTEX we have more than three decades of experience in creating logistical solutions for Northern Europe and the UK, so let us offer you some advice about your haulage needs.

1)  Use A Knowledgeable Company

You want a door-to-door logistical solution when you contract haulage to Norway, so dealing with a company that knows the country is a smart move. We specialise in Scandinavian logistics and by using a company that has decades of experience and local Scandinavian roots will ensure that not only is the international haulage taken care of, but when your shipment clears the port all of the ground transportation will be smooth as well.

2) Be Prepared

When you ship your commercial goods from the UK to Norway, the formalities will differ slightly from exporting to an EU country. Norway will charge VAT once the shipment clears customs, and this needs to be taken into account when the haulage is contracted if delays are to be avoided.

Norway also charges duties on imported goods, with paperwork that isn't a part of exporting to other Scandinavian countries at the moment. When you deal with a company like NTEX, you can be assured that we have all of these considerations in mind, and will make sure that there aren't any costly oversights.

3) Know Your Options

There are a number of ways to contract haulage to Norway, and we have a depth of experience when it comes to Scandinavian logistics. This means that we can offer you a range of options that will let you choose the optimum transit time to price ratio for your needs. In many cases we can get your shipment to Norway in 48 hours, especially if you plan the haulage ahead of time. NTEX has a local office in Norway, and we can also make sure that all of the ground transportation is contracted at the best rates available.

NTEX Knows Norway

There are a number of freight companies that deal with Norwegian logistics, but we think you should give us a call. NTEX was founded in Sweden, and has been working in Scandinavia for more than three decades. We are in a great position to handle all of your Scandinavian haulage needs and will make sure that your shipments to Norway are both quick and cost effective. We are happy to provide free quotes for any of your haulage needs, so that shipping to Norway will be easy for you. Give us a call on 01469 571440 for more information, or have a look at our website. When it comes to shipping to Norway, NTEX is here to help.

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