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Shipping To Sweden: How To Ensure Cost-Effective Shipping To Sweden From The UK

Posted by Liam Harrison on 12-Apr-2017 15:29:02

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Getting your products to Sweden on time and within budget shouldn't be a struggle. There are many shipping agencies and haulage companies out there, but they are not all going to be able to offer you the same level of service. If you are shipping to Sweden, you need to look for a logistics company that can offer your market-specific expertise with a proven track record. 

When you look for logistical solutions for shipments bound for Sweden, keep in mind that many agencies will tell you that they can offer you streamlined customs clearances (no customs clearance in EU) and ground transportation. If you want to make sure that you are getting the most for your money, choose a shipping agency that knows its way around the country you are shipping to. 

While many of the bureaucratic hurdles that once existed for Swedish imports are long gone, there are still areas that require specialist knowledge. As a logistics company that deals exclusively with Scandinavian markets, we have some important information to share with you. 

Know Who You Are Dealing With

There are many transportation companies that operate in Sweden, but very few specialise specifically in this area. You want to be certain that your shipment will be handled as quickly as possible, and that you can take advantage of the most cost-effective Scandinavian logistics routes available. 

When you deal with a company that specialises in Scandinavian logistics solutions, you can be assured that your shipment will be handled by people who know the system. NTEX is one of the only companies that can offer a specialist end-to-end service for shipments from the UK to Sweden, and we know how to maximise the value of every pound you spend with us. 


Market Knowledge

NTEX was originally set up as a Swedish business and maintains offices throughout Scandinavia, so we can ensure that any shipment from the UK will be handled with exquisite care by knowledgeable and experienced local professionals. 

We can also work with you when it comes to price and timetable. Talk to us about your shipping needs; we will use our local knowledge to find a plan that fits your budget and delivery schedule. In most cases we can offer a faster service than other companies, at competitive rates. We do this by having an embedded presence in the areas that we specialise in, and our capabilities reach well beyond the port. 

Local Matters

NTEX maintains local offices in all of the Scandinavian countries. We can help you organise logistical support from your business in the UK, to just about anywhere in Sweden. We have extensive experience in Swedish imports and exports, and can pass along all that local knowledge to you. We want to build up relationships that make sense for everyone, and will make sure that the prices you pay are the best available. 

NTEX has unbeaten local knowledge in Sweden and across Scandinavia. If you need to make affordable regular shipments to any country in Scandinavia, let NTEX help you. We can offer you guaranteed on time delivery, and are happy to consult with you for a personalised service.

NTEX Makes It Happen

When you want to ensure that shipping to Sweden is as easy and cost-effective as possible, give NTEX a call. We offer free quotes and are happy to talk you through all your shipping options. 

We can show you how to best take advantage of our extensive market presence, to better deliver to your Swedish clients.  To request a quote or make a booking, please click here.

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