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Specialist Courier To Finland vs. General Haulage – Which Is Best?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 11-Jan-2017 16:57:06

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Finding the right company to get your products from the UK to Finland can be a challenge, because each company will offer a different suite of services. What it comes down to is that you will either be shipping your goods via a specialist courier, such as NTEX, or via a general haulage company. Each option has its advantages, and the one that is best for you will be the company that meets as many of your needs as possible.

Moving your goods with a specialist courier

A specialist courier will have intimate knowledge of a country’s logistics network because they will usually have an office in that country. An Anglo-Scandinavian company with a Finnish office is a definite advantage, as it allows the business to acquire detailed information about Finland-specific transportation networks and conditions. This level of knowledge goes well beyond that of a general haulage company.

A company with a Finland office is one who has been able to build relationships with local shipping, warehousing and carrier companies, to name but a few. This allows them to offer the best possible prices to customers looking to ship to Finland. This local knowledgebase is one of the advantages we offer our customers at NTEX.

There is also no worry about not being able to ship when you choose a specialist company. This is due to the local expertise they have acquired. Specialist companies can work around you and help you create a delivery schedule that works for you. A general haulage company must adhere to fixed schedules, and will not be able to offer much wiggle room. A specialist courier will not only be able to deliver when and where you need them to, but also have the experience needed to avoid potential delays en-route.

Moving your goods with a general haulage company

Many general haulage companies do not possess the kind of local expertise you require and may not have the connections needed to reliably ship your goods to Finland. General haulage companies sometimes offer low cost options, even when they are a large organisation that offers global service, but this is usually restricted to scheduled shipments.

General haulage companies are a very popular choice because they can arrange shipment of goods to Finland via well-used road or sea routes. However, there is very little service flexibility.

Issues can also arise when you require emergency or short-notice shipments. For example, if you suddenly need to transport your products to Finland overnight, this may not be a possibility, depending on the kind of general haulage company you’re using.

Ways to choose the right company

When you want to ship your goods, beware of low quotes from general haulage companies. Not all shipping quotes are all-inclusive; it may appear as though a lower price was quoted, when in fact there are other costs which will appear on the bill later. Instead, ask for a quote that’s all-inclusive and covers items like import fees.

Another way to find the right shipping company for your needs is to see how effectively they communicate. The right one for you will be the one who puts customer communication at the top of their list of priorities. If they state this on their website, all the better. Of course, nothing will speak louder than your own experience with them, and so email or call them with a question to see how quickly they respond. This is another area in which we shine at NTEX, with responsive teams on the ground in Finland and the UK ready to answer your questions.

Taking some time to conduct research into the experience a company has can go a long way to helping you choose the right one, as can their reviews. Check to ensure the company has received positive reviews and has more than a few years’ experience. You may also want to call them to ask them about recent comments they received from customers.

Ship to Finland with NTEX

When you understand the difference between a specialist courier and a general haulage company, are able to confirm their level of experience, timely communication skills and receive an accurate quote, you’ll be in a much better position to choose the right option for you. We believe you get better value for money using a specialist such as ourselves, as we can offer you the flexibility and personal service that comes with having a permanent base in your destination country.

At NTEX we cover all the services mentioned in this article. We offer an affordable and reliable Finland courier service based on our extensive connections with Finnish and other Scandinavian haulage partners. We guarantee the most cost-effective routes and on time delivery with every order. Get in touch for a free quote or to make a booking.

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