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Specialist Courier To Scandinavia VS General Haulage – Which Is Best?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 07-Sep-2016 15:12:00


If you are looking for a logistics company to help you move goods to or from Scandinavia to the UK, you have several options open to you. There are plenty of different haulage companies out there who will all offer a slightly different package of services, prices and delivery options.

However, despite all the differences, the choice essentially boils down to two options: you can either go with a general haulage/transport company, or with a specialist courier to Scandinavia.

We will explain the pros and cons of each option below:

General haulage companies:

General haulage companies serving a European or global market advertise themselves as being able to demonstrate all-round knowledge and expertise. Indeed, some of them are very well connected and have many years’ experience in the logistics industry.

These are the reasons why customers frequently go with these providers:

  • A wide number of transport options. General haulage companies usually have a fleet of their own trucks for road transport and can arrange shipment or airfreight as required.
  • Low prices. Some of the large global haulage companies are able to offer very attractive rates, especially when you opt for one of their regular delivery schedules.
  • Global or European reach. These logistics companies claim to be able to ship products anywhere within their large zone of operation, offering convenience to their customers. This is especially useful for companies with clients in multiple countries.

Specialist Scandinavian Courier Services

The second category is that of the specialist Courier, which is where NTEX comes in. While we don’t claim to have the global network of some general haulage companies, we do know the Scandinavian logistics network like the back of our hands. In fact, we are the largest dedicated logistics service for British businesses operating in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. This gives us a significant advantage when shipping goods to Scandinavia, even if you use a general haulage provider to ship products to other countries.

Here is why you may wish to consider using a specialist Scandinavian haulage company:

Local knowledge: Unlike many general haulage companies, which are exclusively UK-based, our business is thoroughly rooted in the Scandinavian economy. We are registered as a UK company, but our Scandinavian head office is in Gothenburg, Sweden, where we were founded in 2003 and employ over 200 people. We also have regional offices in Norway, Finland, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This gives us an understanding of local conditions, third party providers and transportation networks that simply isn’t possible for a courier that attempts to spread itself thinly around the globe.

Flexibility: With our local expertise comes the ability to give you the flexibility you need to ship your products to Scandinavia on a timescale that suits you and your customers. While many general companies offer only a limited delivery schedule, or make you fit in with their timetable, we can ship your products to Scandinavia at any time of the week, at any time of year. When planning your route we also know all the different available options so we can avoid any potential issues and ensure your products get delivered on time.

Value for money: Over the years we have built up reliable business relationships with established warehousing companies, commercial shipping lines, air freight carriers and other third parties. This gives us access to some of the best prices you will find in Scandinavia.

Whether or not you use a general haulage provider or a specialist service largely depends on your supplier relationships, your budget and your preferences. However, if you have customers in Scandinavia or the Baltic States and need a reliable shipment service, there are clear reasons to choose a specialist such as NTEX, even if you use another haulage company to ship elsewhere in the world. We offer a dependable, fast and flexible service that you and your customers can rely on time and time again. New Call-to-action

To find out more, call us on +44 (0) 1469 571440 or download our free guide: Shipping To Scandinavia With Ntex: How To Get Cost Effective, Flexible Transport To Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.


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