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The Biggest Challenges With Moving Overhanging Loads Through Sweden

Posted by Liam Harrison on 04-Apr-2018 12:41:21

The Biggest Challenges With Moving Overhanging Loads Through Sweden

Moving overhanging loads through Sweden can be filled with challenges, starting with the fact that you have to abide with the road regulations the country issues in order to guarantee safety and control over the vehicles that transit the roads. Whether you are arranging transport yourself through your own fleet, or using a logistics company to make your deliveries, there are several challenges to be aware of:

The Challenges

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need to be wary of your cargo’s weight. Correct loading is very important when you’re moving loads through Sweden. If the cargo or load is too heavy, you can risk damaging roads and bridges. This can risk stiff fines and delays in your journey. Moreover, the transportation vehicle and your cargo are likely to be severely damaged.

We highly recommend you check the European Road Traffic Ordinance to read and learn about the regulations on weight and height of cargo. There are a number of restrictions on Scandinavian roads that don’t apply to other parts of the EU – and that a logistics provider unfamiliar with Sweden may not be aware of.

Transporting large or overhanging loads to Sweden is a complex undertaking, because there are challenges that need to be addressed that don’t just necessitate safe driving, but the mathematics of height, weight and speed and how to apply them when managing different types of load.

NTEX: A Road Transportation Company You Can Trust

When shipping large or heavy consignments to Sweden, remember that there are handling, shipping and delivering companies that know these regulations and handle the paperwork with professionalism, proficiency, and expertise. One of them is NTEX, who make sure to provide a top services to make sure your transport is safe, secure and fast.

At NTEX we understand every road transport regulation going from the United Kingdom to the Scandinavian region. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland each have a different set of rules that must be followed.

Every road is different. Every cargo is different. It’s your responsibility as a supplier to make sure the product reaches its destination within the required timeframe. We offer our expert services and guidance for any type of load to make sure your transaction is smooth and easy. To find out more about the Swedish rules for overhanging loads, please call us today on +44(0) 1469 571910. To make a booking or request a quote, please click here.

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