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The Cheapest Way to Ship Large Packages to Scandinavia Whilst Maintaining Speed

Posted by Liam Harrison on 10-Aug-2017 13:00:00

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As the size of a package increases, delivery costs have a tendency to escalate. You can often save costs by opting for a slower delivery option, but this isn’t always feasible when you have deadlines to meet. However, by shopping around you can get the best possible deal to suit your requirements when shipping large packages to a Scandinavian business address, while still securing fast delivery times.

How Large Is Large?

The key to securing the best haulage rates is to make the best use of available space. Part loads and individual packages always have a higher shipping cost associated than full pallets do. So if possible, ship items in full pallet loads, or seek out a shipping company that offers competitive rates for half pallet haulage. Some companies will penalise you for shipping a half load, while others may be happy to palletise your goods alongside similar deliveries for other customers. Check and see what service they offer and the rates they charge.

It may not always be possible to ship multiple units or even to palletise your goods at all. Many machine parts, vehicle components and construction materials are not only large but also heavy and/or awkwardly shaped.

For these goods you may need a special collection from site, with careful arrangements made for each leg of your journey by sea and road.

Local Expertise

When you need special arrangements, costs can be high unless you seek out a company with local expertise. Knowledge on the ground is a huge cost saving advantage – with a local Scandinavian haulage company having the connections and negotiating clout to source the cheapest transportation options.

So look around for a company with a physical presence in the Scandinavian country you are shipping to, AND the flexibility to offer you a tailored collection service. What about ensuring speedy delivery?

Scheduled or Express Delivery?

There is a misconception that large items have to take their own time to get to their destination – unless you want to pay a large levy for express delivery.

However, here too there are ways to save costs. Express deliveries to Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark can be expensive, especially if you need an out of hour’s window or are shipping to a remote location. For businesses in major cities or close to important trunk roads, however, you should still be able to get a favourable quote for express shipping. Seek out a haulage company that is happy to provide express quotes on a case-by-case basis – rather than a flat rate – as otherwise you could be paying more than you need to.

Again, choosing a company with a local network of supply depots and 3PL partners will give you access to better prices, as they will have a greater range of options for you to choose from.

If scheduled shipping is an option for you, you will always save money with a regular delivery. Avoid airfreight and next day delivery services if you need to save costs, as these will be very expensive for large items. A quality sea and road delivery service will still get your goods to your customer within a reasonable timeframe. Economy haulage to Sweden, for instance, has a total journey time of only 4 to 5 days. Faster scheduled deliveries are normally possible within three working days depending on where it is from and going to.

Shipping To Scandinavia With NTEX

At NTEX we offer a dedicated Scandinavian delivery service for all types of package. We are happy to arrange shipping for large, heavy or unusually shaped items, including agricultural machinery, oil and gas equipment, vehicles, or large consignments of palletised smaller products. We work with you to find the best solution for your business, giving you the best price and fastest delivery window based on our local knowledge and connections. We have local teams and established logistics partnerships in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, with a dedicated UK office to coordinate British deliveries. For a bespoke quote or to book online, please click here. You can also discuss your requirements with one of our UK team by calling +44 (0) 1469 571440.

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