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The Simplest Ways To Make The Best Of Shipping Companies In Copenhagen

Posted by Liam Harrison on 20-Dec-2017 13:40:00

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Copenhagen is the capital city and business centre of Denmark when it comes to the shipping sector. Denmark is one of the leading nations in the shipping industry, with vessels of huge brands such as A.P. Moller Maersk Group, Svitzer and Norden, J. Lauritzen, and Torm, sailing across global waters. It is the fifth largest nation in the global shipping industry, which makes the practice of shipping companies in Copenhagen somewhat unique.

In this article we will discuss the uniqueness of Copenhagen-based shipping companies and show you what you can do to get the most out of your contracts with them.

What Makes Copenhagen Shipping Companies Unique?

Denmark, the traditional Baltic Sea gatekeeper, is in an envious natural position. Catering to the trading needs of all the Baltic nations, Denmark has historically focused on developing its shipping sector and is now one of the leading maritime trading nations in the region.

Danish shipping companies are part of an innovative industry that has a long track record of successful shipping practices. Owing to the high expectations of environmental agencies, for example, the shipping industry has been working for decades to reduce oil spills and sea pollution. Being a global leader in the industry, the Danish shipping sector feels this pressure more than most other nations.

It is imperative to understand the motivations of shipping companies in Copenhagen to better estimate the potential your company might have of securing a good business haulage deal with them.

Copenhagen is still on level with Singapore and other international ‘hubs’ for shipping, but a sharper profile will be necessary in the future. Even more so than today, Denmark needs to be known as a centre for what could be called ‘advanced shipping’, which includes sailing in difficult waters such as the Arctic, supporting offshore activities and environmental, climate-friendly shipping.” Henrik Sornn-Friese - Copenhagen Business School

Get The Most Out Of Your Haulage Contracts With Shipping Companies In Copenhagen

Since the financial crisis hit the global shipping industry in 2008, it has taken its toll on the Danish shipping sector as well. This has seen a rise in prices for sea freight in some cases, although this has been partially offset by the recent drop in oil prices. There is now a fairly wide range of prices available for Danish logistics, so it is worth shopping around.

All the big shipping names we listed earlier have sold various business divisions and vessels since the recession to concentrate on business sectors that deliver the largest share of their profits. This opens the door for growing economies around the world and smaller shipping companies to expand their presence in Copenhagen.

As a British company seeking the services of a Danish supplier, this puts you in a good position. Smaller businesses and 3PLs in Copenhagen will be keen to secure new business with favourable shipping deals, while big companies are offering very low prices for large volume deliveries in critical sectors. The key is having an experienced Danish logistics business on your side to negotiate the best shipping deal.

Danish Logistics Service Standards: What to Expect

The Danish shipping market values high customer service standards, so you should expect superior service from virtually any company you get in touch with, even for small shipments. Price is often the deciding factor. To get the right service at the right price, use the following tips:

1) Route: When you discuss the terms of contract with a shipping company in Denmark, make sure they give you the shortest route to your cargo destination, whether this is a Danish port or another Scandinavian destination.

2) Pricing: The freight rates that Danish shipping companies quote are usually competitive. Still, it is worth seeking out a Scandinavian logistics company that will approach multiple shipping providers on your behalf to ensure you get the best rates. This is something we can help you with at NTEX.

3) Volume: Get the shipping companies you negotiate with to give you a volume based contract, which entails shipping a certain volume of cargo over a certain period of time. This normally guarantees you the best prices per unit.

The Best Deals On Danish Shipping From NTEX

At NTEX, we make sure our customers get the most competitive prices and that their cargo is delivered to them on time and in perfect order. As an experienced Anglo Scandinavian business with an office in Copenhagen, we have established supplier relationships with all the leading Danish shipping companies, and the negotiating power to get you the best deal every time. Book shipping for your next cargo with us today.

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