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The UK-Scandinavia Sea Freight Shipping Process 

Posted by Liam Harrison on 19-Jun-2020 11:44:00

The UK-Scandinavia Sea Freight Shipping Process 

Every day thousands of tonnes of freight arrive at dozens of ports across Europe, to be loaded onto ships and transported around the world. From these ports, goods are loaded onto trucks to continue their journey to manufacturers, refineries, factories, wholesalers and retailers.

During 2017 in the UK alone, over 481-million tonnes of incoming and outgoing freight passed through, accounting for over 95% of all UK freight movements.

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So Who Uses Sea Freight? 

The short answer is just about everybody, whether directly or indirectly. From mail boats carrying small consignments to the largest multi-national shipping vehicles, sea freight is the lifeblood of thousands of British businesses. 

Sea freight between Scandinavia and the UK is simple and low-cost. Certainly, for smaller items, which have to be transported to their destination as quickly as possible, airfreight or fast road courier (which still often involves a short journey by sea or train) will get them there much faster than standard shipping, but often will cost much more.

Choose An Experienced Shipping Company 

If you are about to embark on a new business phase, shipping your products from the UK to Scandinavia or vice-versa, contacting an established shipping company like NTEX, who have many years’ experience shipping between the Scandinavian countries and the UK, will pay dividends in the long-term. 

If you are shipping FTL, we can transport an empty trailer to your business premises, to be loaded by your staff as your goods come off the production line. If you are shipping LTL, we will collect when your order is ready to ship.

With our knowledge of Scandinavian import, export, and customs regulations we will prepare all the correct paperwork for the driver to present at the port. 

How Long Will Shipping Take? 

There are two main elements when it comes to the time your goods take to get from the place of origin to their destination.

1. The amount of time your goods are on the road before they reach port, and the time they are on the road once they have cleared customs at the destination port.

2. The amount of time they spend at sea from the port of origin to the destination port. 

NTEX will book your trailer onto the first available ferry, allowing for travel time to the docks, and have your shipment en-route as soon as it’s cleared customs.

If you’re shipping LTL, delivery may be a little bit longer, as each part load will be delivered to the individual customer along the way, or the journey briefly paused to split the container and deliver goods in smaller vehicles.

To discuss the best shipping options for your requirements, please call 01469 571910.

You can also book shipments online by clicking here.

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