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Large Package Shipping Companies: Top Tips On Transporting To Scandinavia

Posted by Liam Harrison on 05-Jan-2022 09:00:00

So, you want to ship a large package from the United Kingdom to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or Finland? There are quite a few ways you can do this. However, each needs careful consideration. Large load haulage can be extremely costly and cumbersome if planned and handled poorly. Here's our guide to getting the best deal on large package shipping to Scandinavian countries.

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Will Covid Restrictions Delay My Shipment To Norway?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 29-Dec-2021 10:00:00

Over the past two years, professionals in the export and logistics fields have had to contend with an increasing number of pandemic-related challenges. During this time, global supply chain disruptions and Covid restrictions in various EU countries have added an additional level of complexity to an already complex field.

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What Is ‘Article 16’ And Will It Affect My Shipments From NI To Scandinavia?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 22-Dec-2021 10:00:00

If you’re a UK manufacturer with a base in Northern Ireland and customers or suppliers in the EU, you’ve probably been scanning Brexit news for quite a while to keep tabs on developments that could impact your operations. Recently, ‘Article 16’ has been making headlines and creating confusion, especially for manufacturers and suppliers with export capabilities. Let’s clear up the confusion, at least in terms of UK (including NI) exports to Scandinavia.

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What Are Considered ‘Dangerous Goods’ In Sweden?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 15-Dec-2021 10:00:00

Regulations concerning dangerous goods and their movement between countries are notoriously convoluted, even within the EU. Governmental agencies usually keep lists of what are considered dangerous or banned goods, but it’s not always easy to determine if those lists are up to date.

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When Shipping Goods From The UK To Scandinavia, What Customs Declarations Are Required?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 29-Sep-2021 14:48:00

Brexit has meant a few changes to how goods are imported and exported between the UK and Scandinavia. As the United Kingdom has left the EU Customs Union (which includes EU members Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, together with EEA member Norway), you'll now need to supply a Customs Declaration with every Scandinavian-bound shipment you send.

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Shipping Between The UK And Scandinavia After Brexit

Posted by Liam Harrison on 22-Sep-2021 12:00:00

With the Covid 19 crisis occupying all the headlines and, to be honest, most people’s headspace, it’s easy to forget about Brexit.

Brexit will bring changes to the transport of goods to and from the UK to Scandinavia, especially for customers and carriers in Sweden. Brexit will have an impact the logistics and letter services, as the handling of goods and trade between Sweden and the UK will require changes in procedures, including new charges for the services involved.

So in this article we look beyond Coronavirus and bring the conversation back to Brexit, and in particular, how things currently stand for UK-Scandinavian trade when the Transition Period ends.

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What Paperwork Do I Need To Get Goods To Sweden From The UK?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 14-Sep-2021 11:00:00

During the year-long transition period that followed Brexit, customs borders did not exist between EU states and the UK. This meant that it was as easy to ship cargo from one part of the UK to another, as it was to export/import goods between EU countries like Sweden and the UK.

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What To Look For In A UK to EU Logistics Company

Posted by Liam Harrison on 19-Aug-2021 11:17:00

Many UK manufacturing businesses depend on intricate international supply chains, with parts often sourced from across the EU, so the rapid transit of key components is central to businesses meeting their deadlines.

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What Is A CMR Document For Road Transport?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 22-Jul-2021 11:30:00

When you’re preparing to ship goods to Scandinavia, there are several key documents that must be completed in advance, one of which is known as the CMR note. A useful abbreviation for ‘convention relative au contrat de transport international de marchandises par route’, the CMR is the standard contract of carriage for goods that are shipped internationally by road.

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How Are UK Customs Calculated For Imports From Scandinavia?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 08-Jul-2021 13:37:00

For businesses who import goods from Scandinavia, the prospect of calculating import duties and taxes is alarming for many, who are convinced that wading through the regulations will be time-consuming and confusing. While the task is, in fact, not an impossible mountain to climb, working in partnership with an expert shipping and freight forward business, such as NTEX, can simplify the process as you’ll be able to draw upon their experience and knowledge to ensure the right fees are paid.

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