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4 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Exporting To Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Finland

Posted by Liam Harrison on 04-May-2017 13:10:00

Shipping your products to Scandinavia isn't a difficult process with the right provider, but there are still some things that should be avoided. While all four Scandinavian countries are in the European Union or European Free Trade Area, there are still some local laws to pay attention to. By making sure to follow all the applicable customs laws, and with the help of a knowledgeable company such as NTEX, your Scandinavian haulage will be easy. At NTEX we have been working in Scandinavian logistics for decades, and we want to give you a few pointers that will make your business haulage a lot easier. While the Scandinavian logistics situation is evolving in a post-Brexit environment, we still are here to ensure a fast and cost-effective shipping service to your customers.

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Shipping To Sweden: How To Ensure Cost-Effective Shipping To Sweden From The UK

Posted by Liam Harrison on 12-Apr-2017 15:29:02


Getting your products to Sweden on time and within budget shouldn't be a struggle. There are many shipping agencies and haulage companies out there, but they are not all going to be able to offer you the same level of service. If you are shipping to Sweden, you need to look for a logistics company that can offer your market-specific expertise with a proven track record. 

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Swedish Shipping Companies – 7 Questions To Ask

Posted by Liam Harrison on 09-Feb-2017 10:40:00

Choosing the right company to ship your goods means choosing a partner who will get your products where they need to go, when they need to be there. This kind of partnership can only be fruitful if the company is professional and capable. One way to ensure that Swedish shipping companies meet your needs is to ask them the following questions:

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How To Get Overnight Delivery To Sweden In 7 Easy Steps

Posted by Liam Harrison on 18-Jan-2017 13:40:00

Figuring out how to get your delivery to Sweden overnight is a problem that all operations managers face, albeit unnecessarily. The biggest problem with shipping to Sweden overnight is the inflexibility of delivery options. Your customer is waiting, and your products are ready to be shipped. What can you do to get them there?

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How To Get Delivery To Sweden In 27 Hours

Posted by Liam Harrison on 02-Sep-2016 11:30:00

You need delivery to Sweden. You’ve got less than 30 hours to get your goods there. This may sound like an issue for Jason Bourne, after he quit being a spy to join the logistics business, or maybe for Postman Pat, looking for a bit of excitement after his Yorkshire deliveries. In fact, it is a common problem regularly faced by hundreds of Operations Managers needing to make priority shipments to customers in Sweden. The frustrating thing is that it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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