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Track Your Delivery: NTEX Install GPS In All Trailers

Posted by Liam Harrison on 10-Mar-2017 11:59:15

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Forward-thinking companies are always looking for ways to improve the products and services they offer. At NTEX, we’ve just taken customer service to the next level by arranging to have GPS units installed in all our trailers. In installing this new tracking technology our customers will see a host of incredible benefits, some of which are detailed below.

Beyond In-Cab Tracking

Many GPS solutions are installed in the cab unit at the front of a lorry. Whilst this does allow a company to know where its assets are at all times, it doesn’t offer customers any way to know the exact location of their goods. Our solution will ensure that our customers are always able to know where their goods are at any given moment, whether a trailer is travelling by road or by sea.

Trailer Monitoring

Installing GPS in our trailers allows us to ensure the complete safety and integrity of customer goods allowing us to track the trailer position.

Higher Efficiency

In being able to see what’s happening with both the trailer and cab, we can get information that helps us improve our efficiency. For example, GPS allows us to ensure not only that the truck made its departure on schedule, but it also alerts us to any unauthorised stops or driver errors. We are able to monitor every aspect of your transport and improve driver productivity, thereby improving our service to you, the customer.

Our existing GPS units have already helped us stay on top of lorry maintenance by telling us how long each vehicle has been in operation and how efficiently they are operating. Now we can do the same thing with our trailers, ensuring they are always in the best condition for transport to your destinations.

Money Saved

Without a GPS tracking system, a trailer could sit idle for several hours after being unhooked from the lorry. This not only increases delivery time but also raises transportation costs. Our new GPS units will allow us to have daily information about where all of our empty trailers are and whether they are moving or not. We can then direct the nearest driver to the empty trailer, where it can be placed back into rotation for maximum efficiency.

In lowering our operating costs, we can ensure that our service remains affordable for all customers every time they choose us to transport their goods to Scandinavia by road.

Trust Earned

The ability to know where a shipment is at any given time allows us to give our customers peace of mind. It also underscores our reliability and experience to those customers who may be choosing us for the first time. This increased level of trust also extends to our employees, who can know that we are holding their safety in the highest regard.

Ship To Scandinavia With NTEX

At NTEX we are very excited by the addition of GPS tracking to our trailers, and are proud to provide our customers with a first class Scandinavian freight shipping experience. We are committed to continually making use of new technologies as they emerge, to provide ever better value and solve your logistical challenges.

To find out more or to book a shipment online, please click here.

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