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Transforming Your Scandinavian Transport With NTEX

Posted by Liam Harrison on 18-Jan-2018 10:02:35

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Whether you need to ship goods to Scandinavia once a year or twice a week, shipping from the UK to one of the Scandinavian countries can be a source of frustration and expense. As specialists in road, air and sea freight between the UK and Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, we offer fast and affordable solutions for goods of all types and sizes.

By working with NTEX, we give you flexible logistics to meet your budget: delivering your goods on time, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

Common Problems With Scandinavian Logistics

Businesses who use general haulage services to Scandinavian destinations frequently report the following problems. If any of these sound uncomfortably familiar, it may be time to consider changing partner.

1) Lack of Flexibility

Global logistics is a dynamic and changing marketplace, demanding personalised solutions suited to each customer and each delivery. Unfortunately, Scandinavian logistics is frequently plagued by a lack of flexibility, without supply chain visibility or transparency and with limited delivery options.

2) Delayed Deliveries

Delays in the main delivery terminals, or due to staffing problems on the road freight stages of the journey, too often lead to missed delivery windows. In a global logistics network, small issues can take on a butterfly effect, so that a strike in Oslo or a derailed train in Malmo can cause missed deliveries in Newcastle or Bergen. It’s important to note that, while unforeseen events can and do happen, endemic delays are not a necessary part of Scandinavian logistics. With the right contingency plans in place, most delays can be avoided.

3) Lack of/Insufficient Scandinavian Infrastructure

Some haulage companies that offer Scandinavian transport do not have adequate local infrastructure to offer the highest standards of service. Attempting to satisfy demand on the ground without a local presence is like operating blind. We cannot over emphasise the importance of having a staffed network of Scandinavian offices and reputable 3PL partners. Without a local presence, the haulage company is unlikely to be able to offer the best prices or most time efficient routes.

4) Insufficient Capacity

Many journeys are delayed due to insufficient capacity on the part of the haulage company. Some businesses operate only infrequent scheduled journeys to Scandinavia, which quickly become overbooked with priority consignments. The risk here is that deliveries can be bumped or delayed by days or even weeks when capacity becomes overstretched.

5) Inadequate Security

Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway are extremely safe locations, with all road, air and sea routes being well-established and secure. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for consignments to get damaged or lost in transit between the UK and Scandinavia. This normally happens at port or transport depots where consignments are changed over from one mode of transport to another. It usually arises due to lack of communication between the haulage company and its logistics partners, or a poor understanding of import and/or cabotage requirements for the Scandinavian countries.

The Alternative: Working With NTEX

When working with NTEX we can help you avoid all these issues and achieve a cost-effective and efficient supply chain between the UK and any business address in Scandinavia. We can help you transform your Scandinavian transport strategy in the following ways:


Our responsive logistics service is set up to suit the varying needs of our customers. With established networks in all the Scandinavian countries, we have the capacity and the ability to ship a variety of consignments, with a service that is scalable to your needs. In this way, NTEX can help you facilitate your growth plans and quickly respond to changing market opportunities. We offer a range of transportation types and warehousing options, allowing you to get your goods to their destination at a time of your choosing, and at a price that suits your budget.


NTEX are established participants in Anglo Scandinavian logistics. Originally founded in Sweden over 30 years ago, we have expanded to incorporate bases in the UK, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and across northern Europe. Our history of financial stability and established 3PL networks gives you confidence that we can deliver according to our promises, every time. This track record of success is backed up by customer testimonials from a range of industries. Please get in touch for further information.

The Scandinavian Logistics Guide

For more information about the most cost-effective means of shipping goods from the UK to Scandinavian destinations, please download our Scandinavian Logistics Guide. This free resource includes sections on Scandinavian shipping ports, import regulations, road networks, express shipping and where to find the best deals. Click here to download your copy.

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