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Transporting Goods To Finland - Are Overwidth Loads Allowed?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 06-Feb-2018 10:47:23

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Transport to Finland invariably requires a stretch of the journey to be made by road, even if this is only a few miles from the port to its destination. The Finnish road network includes 48,568 miles of main roads, and 64,723 miles of subsidiary roads. This serves a country over 338,000 km² in size, nearly one third larger than the UK, but with less than 6 million inhabitants. Much of Finland is sparsely populated, with long distances to travel between commercial centres. Careful planning is therefore required when transporting goods to a Finnish destination, as the wrong choice of route can delay your journey, especially when shipping goods in winter.

There are also many road transport regulations to be aware of when shipping overwidth loads and other non-conventional cargo by road. Below you will find a summary of Finnish maximum weight and dimension restrictions, alongside other road transport information.

Height, Speed, Weight & Overwidth Restrictions

Normal Load Weight & Dimensions:

  • Length: Vehicles with trailers can be up to 25.25 m long. Artic lorries can be 16.5 m in length
  • Height: Up to 4.2 M
  • Width: Up to 2.6M (anything above this is considered overwidth and should be treated as an abnormal load)
  • Weight: Total weight depends on the number of axles. Please consult the relevant Finnish transport authority before moving your goods. Maximum weight for an artic lorry is 48 tonnes
  • Speed Limit: Vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes are restricted to 49 MPH (80 KPH) on dual carriageway’s and motorways, and 31 MPH (50KPH) on secondary roads, including built-up areas

Abnormal Loads

Vehicles that exceed height, width and length restrictions are classed as abnormal loads. You or your logistics partner must obtain a special permit in advance from each local government authority before you can use public roads. A logistics company with a presence in Finland will be able to help you with this. Get in touch for further details.

Documents & Driving Licences

So long as you have a full UK driving licence or international driving permit for the category of vehicle, no additional licenses are needed to drive in Finland. However, commercial drivers should carry with them a confirmation letter from their employer stating their permission to use the vehicle. Vehicles from the UK and elsewhere in the EU can be used without restriction on Finnish roads, subject to the restrictions mentioned above.

Other Requirements

By law, all vehicles must equip their tyres with snow chains during the winter months. In the event of a breakdown, drivers are obliged to wear hi visibility jackets and place warning triangles 50 m behind the vehicle.

Affordable Transport To Finland with NTEX

At NTEX we guarantee on time delivery for any consignment you need to get to Finland, at any time of year. We will arrange the quickest and most appropriate means of transport that gives you the best value, while complying with all Finnish road travel regulations.

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