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Why You Can Trust NTEX For Fast And Efficient Transport To Any Location In Scandinavia

Posted by Liam Harrison on 11-Mar-2020 11:40:56

Why You Can Trust NTEX For Fast And Efficient Transport To Any Location In Scandinavia

As one of the longest established UK to Scandinavia specialist transport companies, one of the reasons our customers choose us is our experience and extensive knowledge of the local market. With experienced teams in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and the UK, we provide a comprehensive range of cost-effective options for both express and scheduled transport.

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However, the real strengths of NTEX, and the reasons you can trust us with your critical deliveries, are our continually updated fleet, and our superb team of professional drivers. Our ongoing investment in machinery and personnel ensures a level of professionalism and reliability that will get your goods to any location in Scandinavia, on schedule, every time.

Modern, Eco-friendly Fleet

Logistics vehicles need to be fast, cost-effective, and reliable, in order to minimise unscheduled downtime and keep delivery costs to a minimum. This is why we are always overhauling and upgrading our fleet to incorporate the latest green innovations and cost-saving technologies.

Sustainable Engines

Our vehicles cover long distances across the roads of northern Europe, burning a lot of fuel – and we are deeply aware of our responsibility as a business to reduce the impact of road traffic on the environment. As part of our long-term commitment to provide cleaner and more efficient equipment, all our fleet are EURO 6 compliant and are replaced every three years to maintain an efficient fleet.

Secure Transport

The security and safety of your goods while in our care is paramount. All our lorries are fitted with the latest security equipment, including engine immobilisers, onboard and external CCTV, proximity sensors, reverse alarms, security alarms and VRU signage.

Regular Servicing

Even the most modern vehicles require regular servicing to maintain their efficiency. To detect issues before they develop into major problems on the road, all our vehicles are serviced regularly according to a rigorous planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedule. This prevents breakdowns and ensures our vehicles are safe and roadworthy, saving us money on repairs that we can pass on to our customers.

Positive Driving Practices

EURO 6 engines deliver more mpg than their earlier equivalents, significantly cutting our fleet fuel consumption. Advanced driver training and monitoring also instils good driving habits that further reduce the fuel we use. We also monitor fuel consumption on each lorry through vehicle telematics. These generate Telematic score reports, which are handed to our drivers every month. These reports are used for training and review purposes and for setting driver KPIs. We also have a leader board system in place to promote friendly competition and encourage fuel-efficient driving.

Following And Setting Trends

The transport industry is changing at a fast pace. To make continual improvements, we keep up-to-date with new policies within the UK, the EU and individual EU member states – and actively seek to implement improvements that benefit the business, our customers, and the environment.

Professional, Highly Trained Drivers

Our logistics team are the pride of NTEX. Each new driver undergoes extensive training, and benefits from ongoing professional development to refresh their skills and improve their abilities on the job.

Individual Professional Training For All Drivers

We operate a bespoke ongoing training programme using Fleet Operators Recognition Standards (FORS) and telematic driver performance data. This lets us tailor training and development to the individual driver, maximising their skills and targeting training on the areas in most need of improvement. Our positive approach to driver engagement awards our drivers for their hard work and ensures that all staff are trained to the highest possible standards. This, in turn, helps to maintain a culture of safety and compliance.

Committed To Our Driver’s Health And Safety

Studies over the past ten years have highlighted the dangers of long periods of immobility, and the risk of eyestrain from long hours on the road. The health and fitness of our drivers is paramount to our business, as is the safety of both the driver and other road users. To this end, we encourage regular breaks, exercises, and healthy working patterns among drivers, with room for adequate activity and a good work-life balance. We also provide regular eye tests at six-monthly intervals, and all our drivers benefit from a comprehensive annual health check.

Professionalism And Respect

We place an extremely high emphasis on professional conduct and courteous driving habits. While rare, driver infringements are monitored on a weekly basis and regular compliance meetings take place to address common issues.

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To discuss your transport requirements with one of our service team, or to book your next consignment from the UK to Scandinavia, please call +44 (0) 1469 571 440 today.

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