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Ways Knowing About Shipping Will Help Save Your Budget

Posted by Liam Harrison on 24-Jan-2018 16:00:00

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Not all haulage companies offer shipping to Scandinavia. With the right organisation, your goods can be picked up from an address in the UK and shipped out to Finland, Denmark, Sweden or Norway same night.

Sometimes you simply can’t avoid shipping, due to time sensitive items, project completion dates and so on. In this article we are not going to talk about how money can be saved by planning in advance, using scheduled shipments etc. We’re going to assume that you know this, and that you still need to get a consignment over to Scandinavia ASAP.

Here is how you can get the best value from your budget.

1) Timings & Delivery Cut-Offs

The more time a haulage company has to deliver your goods, the less expensive it will be. As a rule of thumb, the latest you want to leave your pickup is 12 PM to 1 PM. Arrange it earlier if possible. Of course, what you need to look for in a logistics partner is flexibility, so if you can’t get a pickup until later in the afternoon, it should still be possible.

2) Use A Scandinavian Logistics Specialist

The most reliable way of getting the best shipping prices is to use a haulage company with an active presence in the country you are shipping to. This is one of the benefits of working with NTEX. We have a logistics base in the UK, and also manned offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Wherever you need to get your goods to, we have access to the best prices, the most reliable routes and the fastest options. A general haulage company may not have this contact network, meaning their prices will be higher, or they may not be able to offer shipping at all to many locations.

Split Your Consignment

Any consignment eligible for shipping is going to be pretty urgent. However, you may not need to send the entire consignment urgently. It may save you money on shipping if you only have to send a small portion of the consignment by this method. Check with your supplier: see if they have the flexibility to split your consignment, and if doing so can get you a discounted rate.

Express Shipping To Scandinavia with NTEX

At NTEX we offer a wide range of flexible shipping solutions to all business locations in Scandinavia. For safe and on-time delivery according to your schedule, please get in touch to find out more, or head over to our contact page to request a quote.

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