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What Import Duty & Taxes Are Due When Transporting To Scandinavia?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 22-Oct-2020 09:00:00

What Import Duty & Taxes Are Due When Transporting To Scandinavia?

Because all Scandinavian countries are a part of the EU/EEA/EFTA free trade zone, there aren't (at the time of writing) import duties or taxes that apply to most items that are shipped for commercial reasons from the UK. Although this may change after Brexit. In all cases though, you will need to work within the VAT tax recording system, so that taxes are collected on the sale of items if necessary. You will also still need to create detailed shipment manifests, so that the local customs procedures are followed.

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While Finland, Denmark and Sweden are members of the EU, Norway has a more nuanced relationship with its neighbours. For many companies, exporting to Norway will be the same as dealing with any EU nation, but there are also some important exceptions. By and large there are no import duties or taxes that apply to shipments from the UK to any of these countries, with the single exception being Norway.  

How is Norway Unique Regarding Import Duties and Tax?

Although Norway is a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA) there are some products like alcohol, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals that duties will be levied on. NTEX has no problem helping you understand Norwegian import law, so just let us know what you need to transport. We can make sure that all the regulations are followed, so that there aren't any snags once the shipment leaves the UK.

NTEX Is Local

While duties and taxes are simple within the EU common market, all these countries still require that you comply with customs checks. At NTEX we specialise in in getting your UK-based shipments to Scandinavian destinations quickly, and we can advise you of the most cost-effective haulage options available. Far from being an intermediary, we maintain offices across Scandinavia and the UK, with decades of experience in commercial logistics.

We can help you to make sure that all the necessary paperwork for your exports are prepared correctly and customs are passed without delays. NTEX can also help you with any local transportation you may need. While the legal framework for UK based exports is much easier today, your shipment will still need to get to its destination in Scandinavia on time. We have our own fleet of trucks, as well as many local connections.

There are still some restricted items that vary from country to country. For example, in Denmark the shipping of certain liquids by air is prohibited without special documentation. When you choose NTEX for your Scandinavian haulage needs, we can use our extensive experience to your benefit. We know how to handle Scandinavian logistics, so that your shipment is as fast and affordable as possible.

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At NTEX we offer comprehensive haulage solutions for any company that is doing business in the UK and Scandinavia. We have decades of specialist experience in Northern European shipping, and can offer you a local presence in all of the Scandinavian countries. Please give us a call on 0146 9571440, or make an inquiry directly by email. No matter what your haulage needs, we can find the right solution for you.

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