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What Is A CMR Document For Road Transport?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 22-Jul-2021 11:30:00


When you’re preparing to ship goods to Scandinavia, there are several key documents that must be completed in advance, one of which is known as the CMR note. A useful abbreviation for ‘convention relative au contrat de transport international de marchandises par route’, the CMR is the standard contract of carriage for goods that are shipped internationally by road.

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The CMR Note: What Is It?

The CMR note is an international consignment note that acts as a carriage of goods document, outlining a standard set of conditions for transport and liability. With the CMR in place, businesses do not need separate terms and conditions for each shipment, as all relevant requirements are covered.

The CMR note must contain certain information, including:

  • The names of the exporter (the sender), the carrier (the haulage firm), and the importer (the recipient).
  • An explanation of the type of goods in the shipment and how they have been packaged.
  • Charges, such as customs or carriage costs.
  • The gross weight of the shipment.
  • Special instructions for customs, particularly if the goods are dangerous or require careful handling.

It is worth noting that a CMR note does not award right of ownership or possession to the carrier, but a level of insurance may be included nevertheless.

When Is A CMR Required?

When any goods are shipped internationally by road, a CMR must be used. It’s an essential document as it forms the basis of the contract between the sender and the carrier and confirms that the goods have been received by the haulage company. Furthermore, it establishes the liability conditions between the sender and the carrier so that any problems may be swiftly resolved.

Can I Send Goods Abroad Without A CMR?

Technically yes, but without a CMR, the haulage company could refuse to carry the goods, leaving you with supply chain problems that will be difficult to overcome. The absence of a CMR will mean the responsibilities of all parties involved in transporting the goods overseas are not documented, so any insurance claims for damage, losses, delays, or other problems during shipping may not be resolvable.

Where Can I Obtain a CMR Note?

While you can obtain a template CMR form from HMRC, via the UK Government’s website, you’ll be entirely responsible for completing it correctly, with any mistakes likely to cause disruption later. Working with a specialist transportation expert, such as NTEX, can eradicate problems from the beginning. At NTEX, we’re accustomed to ensuring all the necessary documentation is completed prior to shipments departing for Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, so you can be confident that every detail is taken into account for problem-free road transportation.

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