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Posting To Sweden From The UK: Delivery Methods And Delivery Time

Posted by Liam Harrison on 14-May-2021 14:30:00

What Is The Average Delivery Time From The UK To Sweden

When it comes to shipping commercial goods from one country to another, time is a sensitive issue. There are numerous ways to send items from the UK to Sweden. Your cargo can travel by ship, plane or lorry, or – more usually – by a combination of transport modes.

The distance to travel is different for each of the three methods. The number of documents to prepare, the loading process, and the cost differ as well. Your choice of delivery option depends on the cargo weight and sensitivity as well as the urgency and cost.

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At NTEX, we offer the quickest, most moderately priced, and safest way to deliver your goods from the UK to Sweden. How long does it take? Let’s find out.

Postage To Sweden From UK By Air

Air delivery is usually the fastest option for companies that transport time-sensitive items. It takes less than 3 hours for the plane to get from one destination to another. Meaning, your customer can get the goods the next day.

However, air delivery has its downsides, such as a higher cost. If you have a large and heavy shipment, sending it by air may not be worth the trouble. Even though a well-chosen logistics company always tries to reduce the charges, sometimes it makes sense to consider other options.

Postage To Sweden From UK By Land

Transporting your cargo by land is usually one of the cheapest and most reliable options you can come up with. There are many excellent trunk roads between the UK and Sweden, making it simple to arrange transportation from one of the Channel or North Sea ports in France, Belgium, Holland or Germany.

The documentation you need to prepare for land transportation is not as complicated as for air and sea delivery shipping.

The average delivery time for land shipments is about three days. In many cases, depending on the destination, the delivery takes about 2 days.

Postage To Sweden From UK By Sea

Sea freight is the slowest yet most affordable way to ship your goods from the UK to Sweden. Unless your delivery is urgent, it would be smart to choose this option. If you need to transport a large volume of goods, the ship is an excellent choice.

In case you have a small shipment, you can share a trailer with another company. This will lessen your transport costs without affecting transit time to your destination.

The delivery time from the UK To Sweden by sea is about 5 days.

Urgent Deliveries

If you need an urgent delivery, air freight is the only option. You can have your goods delivered to the destination the next day. However, it’s best to avoid such situations if possible since an urgent delivery by air can cost 50% more than scheduled delivery by sea.

The average delivery time from the UK to Sweden depends on the method you choose. It usually takes about 2 - 4 days – depending on the season.

Road and sea transport to some Swedish destinations can take longer in winter.

At NTEX, we can ship your goods by air, land, and sea. Call us today to arrange your delivery from the UK to Sweden or other Scandinavian countries.
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