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What Is The Cheapest Way To Send Goods To Norway From The UK?

Posted by Liam Harrison on 25-May-2022 10:00:00


If you're sending heavy goods business-to-business from anywhere in the UK to Norway, you'll want to optimise your shipping costs. Getting the best value from your Scandinavian shipments is easy - with a little know-how. Here's how to work out the cheapest option for shipping to Norway:

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How Should You Prepare?

Norway is unique among European maritime nations when it comes to its customs status. The country's 'half-and-half' EU membership status can catch inexperienced exporters off-guard. Lack of preparedness leads to unfortunate mistakes and slowdowns.

Like Britain, Norway ISN'T a member of the European Union. However, it IS a member of the Schengen Area (EEA) customs union, making it part of the European Economic Community. It also has its own currency, the Krone, with which you'll pay customs charges, if applicable. Although Brexit has brought the rest of Europe into line with Norway for UK-EU exporters, you'll still need to remember to supply an invoice, declaration, and manifest for every shipment.

Factor in any extra payments, too. You can calculate them ahead of time by using a currency converter and current rate checker (use HS Codes). Norway usually charges a 3-6% flat import tax and 25% VAT as standard, with some exemptions for 'vital' goods and agriculture. Keeping your plans streamlined and your documents complete and legal will avoid holdups, reducing travel time, surcharges, and overhead costs.

Choose A 'Hub' Point For Two-Stage Collection

Norway is a rural, mountainous country of just six million people, sparsely spread out. Many factories are far away from other settlements, requiring long journeys to reach. And it's prone to extreme weather and cold, sometimes making travel unpredictable in winter. Instead of running the risks and expense of direct shipping, why not ship your goods to Oslo and then transfer them again by road when the time is right? Many couriers may charge far less for completing routine, easily-accessible routes than they will for 'doorstep', non-stop delivery chartering. We can advise you on the best and fastest routes for your goods to meet your supply deadlines – at any time of year.

Pick The Right Transit Route Type, Container Scale, And Turnaround Time

Try to match the haulage option you pick to the goods you're shipping and the destination they're going to. You've got many different options open to you - road (RoRo), rail, scheduled ferry, and air. Each has strengths and weaknesses that need balancing.

While air is the fastest by far, it's also the most expensive and not suited to heavy items. Sea routes are similarly speedy and ideal for seaside warehouses - Norway has a lot of coastline and a range of deep water commercial ports. However, your destinations are still limited with both options. At NTEX, we can offer multi-modal transportation which combines both sea and road shipping to provide the best all round solution for speed and cost efficiency.

Avoid 'Bouncing' Goods Outside The EEA

If you can, avoid drop-off routes for your goods that take them outside of the EEA customs area. You may end up paying for customs at multiple re-entry points!

Route Selection And Optimisation From NTEX

NTEX specialise in UK to Norway trade route planning, as well as haulage and customs. We'll work with you to find the most cost-effective, efficient, and direct route to where your products need to be. Get in touch to discuss your shipping options.

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